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MIAD Learning Commons

MIAD’s Learning Commons combines the resources of the Library with the personnel of the Academic Success Center to give students comprehensive services in one convenient location. Situated on the River Level, at the far west end of the Pettit Building, the Learning Commons is a comfortable oasis where students can study, get help with research and writing, read, or just relax and enjoy the river view.



The Library is a curated center for information access and retrieval and is an integral part of MIAD’s learning experience. Students, faculty, staff and alumni have on-site access to 19,000 books and DVD’s, 82 current periodicals, online databases, reserve items, and an impressive and up-to-date collection of career materials. The library collection supports MIAD’s curriculum, and is extensively focused on art and design. In general, library materials circulate for a period of 4-weeks, with the possibility of two renewals. The MIAD I.D. serves as a library card. The library is a member of the SWITCH Consortium, one of eight area colleges sharing their library resources. Using the online catalog, TOPCAT, students are just a click away from more than 600,000 additional books and DVDs that can be requested online and delivered to MIAD the next school day.



Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center provides students, through use of one-on-one tutoring and mentoring sessions, with the academic support they need to be successful in their studies and to develop skills for life-long learning.

Students can work with either a Learning Resource Specialist or a peer tutor in individualized tutoring sessions. Peer tutors/mentors are knowledgeable and experienced in the MIAD community. They are student advocates and caring role models, possess strong academic and problem solving skills, are good listeners, patient, compassionate, responsible, and dedicated to helping other students discover their potential to succeed at MIAD.

  • Hours: Tutors are available MondayFriday and Sundays (when the Learning Commons is open)! 

Students may schedule weekly appointments with a Learning Resource Specialist or peer tutor/mentor, or they may choose to come only when they have a specific question or assignment.  For information on tutoring or research assistance, please contact Krystin Boyd, krystinboyd@miad.eduCoordinator of Learning Support Services.

More information about tutoring and the services of the Academic Success Center can be found here.



When asked what students were taking away from their tutoring sessions, we received the following responses:


“I was able to form a much clearer sense of what I wanted to be saying with my research paper.”


“It’s okay to ask for help if there is something I don’t understand.”


“My tutor was very helpful in the way that she broke down simple uses of grammatical mechanics.”


“I’ve learned how to make different types of charts so I could actually understand my data visually.”




“Try out different methods to see what works best for you to get yourself organized and prepared for classes.”