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Communication Design

informative. technological. branding.

Your world is embedded with information. It comes in so many forms: billboards, packaging, newspapers and magazines, on every television channel, in every corporate report, on the Internet and via digital applications. It is the intense and ever-changing visual world we all live in, and as a future creative director, art director or designer, you will create it every day. Your Communication Design coursework will begin with the study of two-dimensional design and end in the creation of a professional portfolio. You’ll study digital design, art and photography direction, typography, advertising, package design, and design for electronic and interactive media. Visit the Communication Design Image Gallery to see examples of these works. You’ll learn to create work that finds balance between the informative and the visually intriguing. Self-promotion, presentation and collaboration will all be introduced to you, and refined throughout the program.


Throughout the Communication Design program, you’ll have opportunities to take on internships at advertising and design firms in Milwaukee and around the nation, as well as build your portfolio with real-world experience through MIAD’s Visual Resources Studio. MIAD Communication Design graduates fill important positions in prestigious marketing communication firms and major corporations. Many head their own successful design firms and advertising agencies. The education you receive will prepare you for any of these career paths, and more. Read more about our Communication Design Alumni Success Stories.


View hundreds more examples in the Communication Design Image Gallery

To the casual observer, a communication designer may seem relatively passive – sitting at a computer, clicking away, squinting at a screen covered with a myriad of crisscrossing lines and typographic forms. But to you, the designer, the world is incredibly active – an unending flurry of ideas, options, information and deadlines. Even in the simplest assignment – say creating a unique logo from your initials – the choices are infinite.