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Communication Design Major

Your world is embedded with information. It comes in so many forms: newspapers, magazines, social media, televisions, the internet, billboards, packaging, brochures, exhibitions, mobile devices… the list goes on.

Our top-ranked Communication Design program will prepare you to work as a designer, art director or creative director in a versatile and evolving global community.


In Communication Design, you’ll engage in work that emphasizes the clear communication of ideas using a variety of media and design technology. Thinking conceptually and developing visual literacy through two, three, and four-dimensional design will allow you to create effective solutions to solve problems.


Our Curriculum

Your study of typography, advertising, packaging and web design paired with a range of technologies will allow you to push the boundaries of what’s possible in visual communication.

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Communication Design by the numbers.  MIAD’s Communication Design program continues to be ranked among the top programs in Graphic Design USA. 100 percent of Milwaukee’s top 8 ad agencies employ MIAD alumni. In 2021, MIAD students swept the United Adworkers Student Showcase. Our students are consistently featured as Students to Watch in Graphic Design USA.

Top Employers

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Google, Nike, Kohler Company, Hanson Dodge Creative, Land’s End and more.

Thea Huffman, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2022

Carli Jordan, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2021

Lily Regalado, Communication Design, 2017

Tim Reddington, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2016

Chandler Hougan, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2020

student unknown, Communication Design, year unknown

student unknown, Communication Design, year unknown

Beck Mulkey, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2016

Kendall Lotto, Communication Design, year unknown

Taylor Bradley, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2019

Aki Mayadas, Communication Design, 2022

Griffin McDermott, Communication Design Senior Exhibition, 2022

Aki Mayadas, Communication Design, 2021

What Can I do with my Major?



Advertising Designer

Art Director


Brand/Identity Designer


Creative Director


Digital Designer


Editorial Designer

Environmental Designer


Graphic Designer


Interaction Designer


Logo Designer


Multimedia Designer


Package Designer

Print Manager

Publication Designer


Sign Designer

Storyboard Artist


Type Designer


UI/UX Designer


Video Designer


Web Designer