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Product Design Major

Product Design at MIAD

visualizing. forming. collaborating. Ever look at your smartphone and wonder how it could be improved? Not only the aesthetics, or the feel, but what else it could do?

Welcome to Product Design, a major steeped in curiosity and wonder. People, passion and innovation live at the core of our Product Design program. Our designers tear down traditional barriers in order to see how we interface with products and processes. They look at the problems that challenge our lives: How do we make the world more sustainable? How do we improve people’s health? How do we improve our experience in the world? These are the questions that drive designers, whether they are designing smartphones, cookware, cars, camping gear or health care products. They solve problems with a sense of purpose, wit and beauty. Product Designers ask questions and reimagine what people need. To find innovative solutions, you’ll master creative tools and approach ideas from multiple perspectives: drawing and sketching to deepen your understanding and activate ideas; conducting user research to uncover what people really need; engaging in design thinking strategies that open your mind to new possibilities; and of course, making prototypes and testing them for results.

Our Product Design program, ranked 10th in the country by Design Intelligence journal, will immerse you in core principles of three-dimensional design, including perspective drawing, visualization methods, model making and use of materials. In your Product Design coursework, you’ll experience the fundamentals of creative invention, marketing, psychology, ergonomics and engineering. You’ll also take advanced design courses where you will have the opportunity to design products in collaborative situations, often for outside clients, further developing skills in visual and verbal communication. Introductions to the latest computer software programs revolutionize image generation and pictorial representation of products.

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Our Product Design faculty rank among the best in the country. Throughout the program, our faculty will assist you in the preparation of your designs and professional portfolio. They’ll teach you the skills needed to fully develop ideas to sell in the marketplace. Our students regularly collaborate in the MIAD Innovation Center, earn awards in sponsored design competitions and land prestigious internships. Your design background will prepare you to patent your designs, become an entrepreneur, develop connections through social media to find freelance work, and present a professional portfolio of projects to grab the attention of employers looking to enhance their workforce with curious, self-driven individuals. Graduates of our Product Design program are actively recruited by a wide range of prestigious international corporations, and design everything from backpacks to motorcycles to CT machines.



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