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Early College Credit Program

The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design participates in the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) offered through the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction. MIAD’s freshmen level studio courses are open to high school students on a space available basis.


ECCP Admissions Process

Although there is no standard formula for determining an applicant’s potential for success, we believe the evaluation of the visual artist needs to be sensitive and personal. Therefore, admission to the studio classes is based on a variety of criteria:

  1. Proficiency in the visual arts as demonstrated by the portfolio.
    The portfolio review is given the most weight in the admissions decision as it is the most meaningful indicator of artistic potential and ability.
  2. Academic achievement as shown on official high school transcripts.
    MIAD requires a cumulative 2.70 grade point average to be eligible for ECCP classes.
  3. Personal interview with an Admissions Counselor.
    The interview allows you to verbally present your artistic experiences and aspirations and is the best time to present your portfolio.


MIAD ECCP Application Procedures

To be considered for admissions you must complete and/or submit the following to MIAD’s Admissions Office:

  1. Completed ECCP Application.
  2. Official high school transcripts sent to MIAD directly from your high school.
  3. Portfolio review of original artwork and interview with an Admissions counselor.

Your portfolio should contain approximately 15 examples of your best and most recent work. You should select works which demonstrate the depth and breadth of your art experiences, and which highlight your ideas and conceptual ability as well as your technical skills. Your portfolio may include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, design work, etc. You should include samples of work from observation, rather than from your imagination or copied from photographs.


Department of Public Instruction’s Requirements

You must notify the school board of the school district in which you are enrolled of your intention to participate in the program. An Early College Credit Program Plan and Report issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will need to be completed.

Download the ECCP Information. (updated March 2021)


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