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FYE: First-Year Experience

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discovering the why. FYE: First-Year Experience nurtures your growth and individuality as an artist and designer. It challenges you to ask deeper questions about the nature of visual culture, art, design, technology, media, materials, influences and process. In FYE studio courses you’ll be immersed in making in two, three and four dimensions. You will blend contemporary and traditional technologies: whether you’re 3D printing in the Open Lab, editing audio files, pulling prints, filling your field book, creating a process book, mapping the Historic Third Ward or uncovering the history of art and design, you’ll be constantly questioning, making and thinking. You’ll engage in conversations and critique while connecting your experiences with skills and knowledge. You’ll make meaning.

FYE offers you the freedom to ask questions through multiple tools and media. You’ll discover that what you do, and how, is vitally important to becoming an artist or designer. But it’s the why that enriches your making and learning. FYE is steeped in the why. We position you at the center of your learning. It’s your questions, your curiosity, your observations, your making and your research that fuel your growth. Visit the FYE Image Gallery to see more examples of this discovery process, and facilities and labs available to you during this exploration.

View hundreds more examples in the FYE Image Gallery

FYE courses challenge you to experiment and expand, to think critically and creatively. You’ll meet students and professionals in the academic programs. You’ll learn digital technologies that are essential for today’s creative marketplace. And you’re never alone. You will always be surrounded by the support of MIAD’s vibrant creative community. In FYE, you’ll discover how and where you belong in our creative culture.