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Staff Directory

Kristina Alvarez

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Steven Anderson

Gallery Manager

Richard Anderson-Martinez

Director of Inclusivity

Brenda Baas

Human Resources Assistant Generalist

Laura Baranyk-Morales

Assistant Office Manager

Chelsea Beiler

Service Learning Program Assistant

Kelly Beres

Director of Accounting

Aspyn Breuer

Information Desk - Receptionist

Marie Couture

Director of Academic Operations

Jennifer Crandall

Associate Dean of Students

Alea Cross

Director of Advising

Ben Dembroski

Director of Emerging Technologies

Marianne Di Ulio

Director of Residential Living and Student Engagement

Angela Donahue

Network/Systems Manager

Cari Dulan

Senior Admissions Counselor

Leslie Fedorchuk

Writing & Humanities, Fine Arts Professor / Service Learning Director

Mark Fetherston

Vice President for Enrollment Management

Rachel Foster

Executive Assistant

Mike Goetz

Building Manager

Ricky Heldt

Associate Director of Student Services

Alexander Herzog

3-D Lab Supervisor

Hanna Hobson

Student Support Counselor

Dustin Hoot

Director of Human Resources

Kyle James

Digital Media Production Lab Technician

Brenda Jones

Vice President for Financial Affairs

Anne Kirschmann

Development Database & Donor Services Manager

Cheryl Klein


Keith Kotowicz

Director of Security & Safety

Jennifer Krantz

Director, Creative Learning Opportunities & Research

Marie Larson

Academic Affairs Director

Mark Lawson

Director of Galleries

Rich Loder

Housekeeper / Set Up

Cynthia Lynch

Assoc. Vice President for Academic Planning & Assessment

Laura Maniaci

Student Accounts Clerk

David Martin

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Carol Masse

Executive Director of Financial Aid

Drew Maxwell

Executive Director of Innovation Center

Dana McCullough

Communications Manager

Mary McIntyre-Haig

Academic Affairs Program Assistant

Jeffrey Morin


Kathleen Mulhern

Assistant Director of Pre-College and Continuing Education

Tony Nowak

Dean of Students

Molly Noyes

Senior Admissions Counselor

Ace Obando

Technology Support Designer

Matt Ogden

Director of Technology

Annushka Peck

Director of the 3D Lab

Michael Petrella

Technology Staff Assistant

Tyler Potnek

Senior Admissions Counselor

Matthew Presutti

Printmaking Lab Technician

Cherri Redding

Accounting Clerk

Ana Rodriguez


Sheilah Rossow

Graphic Designer

Vivian Rothschild

Vice President of Development and Communications

Heather Sands

Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Semra Schneider

Financial Aid Counselor

Duane Seidensticker

Director of Career Services

Fran Serlin

Development Events Manager

Naomi Shersty

Photography Lab Technician

David Sigman

Director of Admissions

Nancy Siker

Assistant Director of Library Services

Rebecca Skupien

Student Accessibility Coordinator

Matthew Sothan

Assistant Director of Admissions Transfer and Nontraditional Enrollment Specialist

Stacey Steinberg

Enrollment Communications Specialist

Matthew Stricker

Housing Coordinator

Corbett Toomsen

Director of Pre-College and Continuing Education

Jean Weimer


Kelly Wendorf

Assistant Director of Admissions

Christina WickHeiser

Assistant Director of Career Services

Cathryn Wilson

Coordinator of Learning Support Services

Meghan Wingert

Academic Operations Facilities Specialist

Missy Ziebart

Academic Operations Manager