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Professor with student

Our faculty, who inspire our students and graduates, are innovators. They have a long tradition as passionate, intelligent and dynamic educators who are working artists and designers. But they are now also known for having transformed the essence of learning by ‘unlocking the curriculum’. In doing so, they reinvented the college beyond course descriptions and disciplines to offer a contemporary, integrated experience that blends personal context, research, practice, the traditions of ‘making’, and interdisciplinary critique and design.”We are a community of innovators. We are artists, designers, educators, writers and scholars committed to our students, to fueling industry, transforming our communities, and defining our culture. As active and accomplished professionals, we are the creative engine that shapes MIAD’s curriculum, centered on the rigorous preparation needed for a successful creative life.

Learning at MIAD is the result of the synergy of teacher and learner. It’s a collaboration grounded in intellectual inquiry and research, critique and assessment, working alone and in a community of creative professionals. Our students learn to persist, ask better questions, and think independently while mastering a discipline. It’s our privilege to nurture this process and mentor talented individuals as they turn their passion into their profession.

MIAD’s students, faculty, staff, and broader community partners are bonded by a deep commitment to the creative process, a respect for the unique contribution of each of our voices, and our passion for making. That’s why we choose MIAD. That’s how we make MIAD.

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