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Interior Architecture and Design

responding. furnishing. sustaining.


Our Interior Architecture and Design program is built on the premise that spaces and their furnishings can affect people in deep, meaningful ways, and that those who create them are truly building whole environments that contribute to our collective psyche. Throughout the program, you’ll develop your ability to solve spatial problems with solutions that embody both aesthetic and practical concerns. While studying building and construction techniques, designing light fixtures, cabinetry, furniture and more, you’ll create dynamic interior environments and work through space planning exercises with real-world clients. The fundamentals of site and landscape, as well as the details of material, color, and finish, will all be explored in your coursework. In the Interior Architecture and Design program, as in the real world, innovation and creativity are equal partners with functionality and fabrication. See examples of the kind of work you’ll make in our Interior Architecture and Design Image Gallery.

View hundreds new examples in the Interior Architecture and Design Image Gallery

Interior Architecture and Design courses such as the Green Studio, an advanced level design studio, pair collaborative design methodology with a curriculum in green design. This course allows you to work collaboratively and respond as a team to real-world demands and the contingencies of a client-sponsored, environmentally responsible project. The use of green materials and technologies is strongly emphasized, and your application of LEED guidelines is an integral part of the design process. Through the Green Studio, you’ll have the opportunity to create a site-specific design within a given budget and to fulfill a full range of client and community needs. In addition, student teams have the opportunity to extend their collaboration, as the Green Studio often provides Interior Architecture and Design students with real world internships and, in some cases, employment with consulting professionals during final design and construction of the project.

Many Interior Architecture and Design students are also employed as interns in Milwaukee area design firms. Their portfolios serve as evidence of their abilities. After graduation, as young professionals, they have won major design awards and continue to create meaningful careers within a wide variety of design-based companies, from architecture offices and design/build firms to interior design offices and custom furniture makers.