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Study Abroad/Travel Programs

Study abroad/travel programs provide students with unique opportunities to broaden their world-view, immerse themselves in another culture or environment and positively influence their work as designers and artists. MIAD offers short-term, faculty-led travel programs for students during the summer months and over Spring Break. Past programs have included Italy, Ireland, France, Thailand as well as travel exploring the Desert Southwest and digging for dinosaurs in Montana. Programs currently range in length from 9 days to 4 weeks for 3 to 6 credits. Financial Aid is often available as well as a select number of need-based grants. Most programs are open to students at all levels in all majors.

MIAD Study Abroad


FLORENCE, ITALY, May/June 2024

May/June 2024

4 weeks on-site in Florence (May 15 – June 12) with scheduled pre- and post-trip class meetings at MIAD.

  • 6 credits
  • FA396: Fine Arts Studio Travel Elective or DS396: Design Studio Travel Elective plus HUM396 Humanities Travel Elective or ARTH396 Art History Travel Elective
  • Pre-requisites: Completed WR120, HUMT121, ARTH151 and other FYE Studio courses by time of travel and instructor approval

Apply for the program: Florence 23-24 Application Package


Students will explore the contemporary Italian aesthetic in art and design by tracing its development from a connected studio, art history, and humanities approach in this 4-week course in Florence.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, Florence embodies a unique historic, cultural, economic, political, and artistic environment that few other cities can rival. Home to Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, and contemporary cultural innovations and monuments, the city of Florence and its surrounding environs provides an engaging and stimulating environment for student learning.

Through immersion into the Florentine culture, and enriched by exploration, reading, research, writing, dialogues, studio, and experiences visiting select other cities in Italy, students will broaden their own contextual understanding to foster a meaningful assessment of contemporary Italian aesthetics. The objects, monuments, spaces, and other artistic explorations of Italian cultural life will be examined through multi-disciplinary perspectives that address creative production.

After gaining exposure to key examples of historical and contemporary art and design, students will apply universal cultural elements, such as innovation, adaptation, assimilation, modernization, variation, etc., as they seek to develop and define their own interpretation of the Italian aesthetic. As a result of their experience, students will be able to better contextualize and navigate their own art & design studio practices in relation to contemporary currents.

A marble statue of three human figures

Florence statue


Chris Szczesny-Adams, Ph.D., Professor of Art History, has taught in MIAD’s art history program for the past 20 years. Her art history scholarship includes architecture, design, and art from the 19th to 21st centuries.

Professor Jason Yi has been teaching in MIAD’s Fine Arts and First-Year program for almost 30 years. His internationally recognized studio work crosses multiple disciplines, including drawing, photography, installation, and sculpture. Both have led multiple MIAD study abroad programs to Florence together, as well as to Paris, Thailand, and China.

Estimated Travel/ Course Fee:  $6,475

Includes 6 credits MIAD summer tuition, housing, field trips, museum admissions, travel health/safety insurance during program dates, and some group meals. Students are responsible for necessary passports or visas. Airfare is NOT included. Roundtrip airfare is estimated at $1000-$1300 and will need to be purchased sometime in March. Students are housed in apartments in the historic city center, with WIFI and shared kitchen and laundry facilities.

Regular Application Deadline: November 28, 2023 at 12 p.m.

Interested students must apply for the program and complete an application packet available outside of office 265B. Completed application forms must include a deposit of $800 payable to MIAD Florence Program, a statement of interest, 2 letters of support from MIAD faculty/staff and financial aid form (whether requesting aid or not).

Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Minimum enrollment must be met for program to run. Students are encouraged to submit their application materials earlier than the regular deadline. Quality of submitted materials may also influence instructor approval. SPACE IN PROGRAM IS LIMITED.

Cityscape of Florence, Italy

Cityscape of Florence, Italy


*Students interested in being considered for this year’s Study Abroad Need-Based Grants MUST submit their complete application package by November 6, 2023.

ALSO…in the event that more students apply than there is space, students not applying for the need-based grant who submit applications by the November 6th Early Deadline MAY receive priority. Application materials must be submitted to Jenny Krantz, Director, Academic Administration (265B) by designated deadline.

After a student’s acceptance into the program is confirmed, and signed commitment letter is received, the deposit is non-refundable. Deposits will be returned if program is canceled for insufficient enrollment or if student is not accepted.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid is available for qualified students. Interested students should inquire at the MIAD Financial Aid office ASAP to determine individual eligibility. Students should be aware that financial aid cannot be distributed any earlier than 5-7 days before the start of the summer term, so students should plan other means to cover earlier required payments and purchases. MIAD Scholarships and Grants that students may have for fall and spring semesters cannot be applied to summer programs.

*MIAD Need-Based Study Abroad Grants:

Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, no business office holds, be in good academic standing and a current full-time MIAD student to apply. Grant awards of $500 – $750 will be based on a combination of factors including need, quality of written statement of intent, with consideration of student’s cumulative GPA. If a student is awarded a MIAD need-based study abroad grant, this award will be credited to course/travel fee owed AFTER deposit. Awards are contingent upon the program receiving enough applications to run. Students must return signed acceptance/commitment letter for the program and grant award.

Payment Schedule:

Payments on balance of course fee and tuition* will be due in the MIAD Student Accounts Office. Sample payment schedule based on estimated tuition/course fee noted:

  • November 28, 2023 – 12noon (November 7, 2023 – 12noon for grant consideration) – $800 Deposit MUST accompany application (non-refundable after commitment letter signed)
  • March 1, 2024 – $1500
  • April 26, 2024 – $4175 FINAL PAYMENT**

Full payment is REQUIRED before program begins.
– Payments beyond initial deposit may also be non-refundable if expenses have already been paid on participant’s behalf.
** Students who are expecting financial aid for summer semester can elect to have this applied to their final payment.


Jenny Krantz, Director, Director of Academic Administration –
Office – 265B



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