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New Studio Practice: Fine Arts Major

New Studio Practice: Fine Arts is a multidisciplinary major centered on making, community and entrepreneurship that positions you to flourish and thrive in a competitive 21st century market and the contemporary visual arts world.

In the studios, a supportive community of peers who will embrace you and your visual identity. Internships, visiting artists, guest critics, curators, writers and more will connect you to the community and opportunities.

You’ll apply learned knowledge to the creative world as a responsible art citizen and make visual work with a comprehensive understanding of how your creative identity relates to the world around you. As a graduate, you’ll live a sustainably creative life, changing the world one person at a time.

Eduardo Zavala, NSP: Fine Arts, 2022

Chloe Mack, NSP: Fine Arts, 2015

Marsha Abramson, NSP: Fine Arts, 2021

Hannah Jo Malaczynski, NSP: Fine Arts, 2019

Olivia Lorber, NSP: Fine Arts, 2022

Amber Suttles, NSP: Fine Arts, 2019

Kya Harris, NSP: Fine Arts, 2022

Zachary Swearingen, NSP: Fine Arts, 2014

Alyssa Kaboskey, NSP: Fine Arts, 2019

Our Curriculum

In New Studio Practice: Fine Arts, you will have the choice to focus your practice in a single field, such as photography or painting, or work across approaches. With the support of your NSP advisor, you’ll create your own path while honing your skills and deepening your interests.

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Fine Arts in the world. Our fine arts graduates are influential in their communities, often using their creative path to better the world around them. MIAD fine arts students are regularly selected for the prestigious Yale Norfolk Summer Program. The Creativity Series and visiting artists programs bring local, national and international makers to campus each year to lecture and work alongside our students.

Collabs & Awards
A wall of ink rollers.

MIAD president teaches Approaches to Making course

A colorful mural depicting Olmsted and scenes from public parks.

MIAD Fine Art faculty selected for national Olmsted panel

A textile sculpture of a flesh-colored rainbow with raining clouds at either end. Two needles pierce through the ends of the rainbow.

“After Hours” exhibition showcases staff work

A family of four people, two adults and two kids, stand in front of work inspired by Andy Warhol

Trust the artist: MIAD alumni talk curation and art

What Can I do with my Major?


Art Appraiser
Art Collection Administrator
Art Critic
Art Dealer
Art Educator / Professor
Art Historian
Art Investment Advisor
Art Conservationist
Art Therapist
Art Writer
Artist Representative
Artistic Programs Administrator
Arts & Culture Program Director
Arts Grant Writer

Computer Artist
Costume Designer
Cultural Journalist

Director of Public Art

Exhibition Designer

Fine Artist

Gallery Owner / Director / Manager

Museum Curator / Director / Manager

Portrait Artist

Set Designer

Textile Artist

Video Artist / Designer
Visual Culture Writer/Critic