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New Studio Practice Major

New Studio Practice at MIAD

What will you do with your ideas? How will the world be shaped by your concepts, conversations and critique? What do you need as a 21st century artist in the face of a changing world? New Studio Practice is an interdisciplinary major that is intended to prepare you to be a successful professional artist working in an ever-shifting now. The major provides a clear and distinct focus on what is “new” in contemporary visual arts. New Studio Practice responds to art-making in an ever-changing culture. Grounded in the tradition of rigorous studio practices, and enhanced by innovative approaches to creative thinking and making, New Studio Practice offers a context for contemporary art-making. Interdisciplinary exploration of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, performance, and other media are supported by an increased emphasis on professional preparation and practice under the guidance of outstanding faculty mentoring and advising.

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New Studio Practice prepares you to be a productive contemporary artist the minute you graduate. You will develop the artistic and analytical vocabulary necessary to thrive in today’s multidisciplinary art environment. Contemporary artists require a well-developed personal focus, a conceptual prowess with rigorous research, problem-solving and critical thinking skills that can be applied to new genres as well as traditionally-rooted practices of making. Armed with the tools, knowledge, and experience to pursue and reach your goal as a creative, you’ll emerge as a responsible art citizen: one who makes visual work that reflects your creative identity and the world around you.