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Illustration Major

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narrating. commenting. expressing. MIAD’s Illustration program will prepare you to be a professional illustrator, by teaching you the language of visual communication with an emphasis on creative problem solving. You will experiment with various illustration media, including digital and three-dimensional media, to create a personal style that distinguishes your work technically and conceptually. The philosophy behind MIAD’s Illustration major is not for you to acquire an expected style and approach, but rather to find areas of interest and media forms that best complement your own idiosyncratic conceptual and technical “vocabulary.”

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As an illustrator, your images will live on compact discs, in books, magazines, annual reports and on websites and in other interactive media. You can see examples of the kinds of work you’ll make in our Illustration program, as well as the facilities you’ll use, by visiting our Illustration Image Gallery. Furthermore, we will prepare you for a professional life that will be varied, challenging and rewarding. You may work for publishers, or in a web design firm. You may freelance or begin your own business. Most of all, you’ll imprint your own style on our visual culture through the work you do.   As you advance through the program, you’ll build a professional portfolio of work, and develop strong design skills while learning to properly prepare your work for publication. Your coursework will integrate image and text within design contexts to promote a comprehensive understanding of the roles of illustrator, art director, and designer. You’ll also gain important exposure and participate in networking opportunities through MIAD’s Illustration Seminar, where a series of workshops are presented by practicing professionals, including MIAD Illustration alumni, representing a cross-section of the field.

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