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Student Activities & Organizations


Outside of Student Party, clubs and organizations flourish around MIAD. Here are all of MIAD’s ongoing student clubs and organizations. If you have any questions, please email the student contact of each club, or email for more information.

Do you want to start a student club or organization? Please review this presentation for a step-by-step guide on starting a club or organization at MIAD.



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Alpha Lambda Delta is a Greek honorary society—not a fraternity or sorority. We encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year attending higher education institutions. ALD promotes intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, as well as assists in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for a student’s role in society. Our focus is on encouraging others academically, serving others through philanthropic efforts, and becoming strong citizens in our society.
Faculty Advisor: Mónica Lloyd (



Anime Club is a club for anime fans, both new and old, to not only to sit and watch their favorite shows with others, but also to meet and talk about anime with new people. Every couple of months, the club meets for game nights with prizes. Anime Club also hosts themed drawing nights for a fun break from school activities.
Student Leader: Callen Thompson (



A student-led organization with a mission to promote cultural awareness and resources on campus concerning Asian experiences in America, particularly in the creative setting. Our aim is to facilitate healthy conversations amongst the student population who are interested in learning more about this experience while providing a safe and supportive environment for creatives of various Asian backgrounds.
Student Leader: Alessa Truong (
Student Leader: Kalia Lor (​



The Black Leaders and Artists Coalition is a student-run union dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for black and other POC students at MIAD. BLAC fosters healthy dialogue concerning inclusivity and diversity within the college. MIAD’s chapter intends to promote and educate on the black experience in both our college and country.
Student Leader: Noah Teague (



Weaving together the Black experience at MIAD, the Black Quilters Union is a small family on campus welcoming any and all Black student on seeking to form connection, learn quilting, get in touch with their heritage, fellowship and eat as we collectively craft a quilted symbol to represent of the legacy of Black students at MIAD.
Faculty Advisor: Morgan Bouldes (



Board Game Club is a place where students can relax while playing all kinds of tabletop games, card games, and more. Whether you have a vast wealth of knowledge in all-things-games or have only gotten your butt kicked in Monopoly, everyone is welcome to learn about new games and have fun with friends. Board Game Club meets every Wednesday in room 495B at 6:00 PM.
Student Leader: Rowan Fischer-Hoeft (
Student Leader: Dee Sleckman (



If you have any interest in making games, apps, websites, or otherwise writing code for any of your own miscellaneous projects, Coding Club is here to learn and experiment with you! We’re a club focused on coding and all things computer-related. We aim to create a fun, supportive environment where everyone can explore their interests and improve their skills during weekly meetings.
Student Leader: Wren Mason (



Collage Club hosts collage crafting events based on various themes throughout the semester. Whether it be scrapbooking or collaging, for fun or for a project, any student is welcome to relax, hang out, and create—entirely free of stress.
Student Leader: Autumn Silva (



Concept Art Club provides opportunities for students to explore and improve upon developing concept art. Be it character design, backgrounds, or weapon design, join Concept Art to expand your portfolio and have fun in the process.
Student Leader: Cyrill Reyes (



Doll club is a club… all about dolls! Barbies, Bratz, Monster High—we have it all. Come play, talk, draw, and have fun with others who love dolls!
Student Leader: Lizzie Hanson (



Dungeons & Dragons Club is a gathering place for fans of all tabletop RPGs. D&D Club meets online via a Discord server, available through the MIAD Student Hub. We connect players, share resources, art, and inspiration, and host creative events. D&D Club is open to all players, from veterans to newbies, regardless of level.
Student Leader: Starr Silon (


Open to all MIAD students, Fibers Club is rooted in the exploration of all things fiber! During our meetings, we will demonstrate various fiber techniques, such as knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery and mending. We will also be hosting guest speakers and workshops throughout the year. Join us and bring your current WIP!
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Eichhorn (
Faculty Advisor: Shawn Simmons (
Faculty Advisor: Grace Rother (



You are the first. The first American-born in your family, the first to attend college, or even the first to attend an art institute. No matter the case, we’re here to welcome the good—welcome you—into a safe space to celebrate you: First Generation Students of MIAD.
Student Leader: Perla Gonzalez (
Student Leader: Alexa Rodriguez (



Hillel Milwaukee strives to create a dynamic, warm and celebratory Jewish environment for Milwaukee’s university students and young adults.
Student Leader: Emma Travitz (
Executive Director: Rabbi Joshua Herman (



The purpose of Horror Movie Club is to provide a chance to watch all the different kinds of horror that are out there. Fans of the macabre, we welcome you to join us! Those that are less keen on horror, worry not—we also watch comedy horror and family-friendly horror. Movie suggestions are highly appreciated, and everyone is welcome to join.
Student Leader: Emily Purdy (



The MIAD Chapter of IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) serves both Product Design students and anyone wanting to learn more about the product design industry. Active since the mid-80s, our chapter organizes professional events, guest lectures, and workshops with invited designers. Members have the opportunity to attend events within the Great Lakes Chapter of IDSA, and are encouraged to attend regional and national IDSA conferences. IDSA provides professional development opportunities such as networking, workshops, and guest lectures. In addition, IDSA hosts social events to test skills, build connections, and have fun.
Student Leader: Emma Travitz (



Join us as we split into groups to design and build our own Lego sets! Lego Club works together to build unique Lego sets from the ground up, starting with concepts, moving to instructions, and finishing each semester with finalized Lego masterpieces.
Student Leader: Piper LeClere (



Mystic Hallow Club is a place to learn about and engage with different spiritual beliefs, educating others about the uses and benefits of crystals, healing energy, intentions, herbology, and all-around good vibes. It also explores the history of chakra healing within Buddhism, Hinduism, and Paganism, in addition to hosting meditations, yoga, and homework help sessions. All magic discussed will be white magic only; no hexes or curses are discussed within the club. Regardless of religious belief or standing, Mystic Hallow Club welcomes everyone to join.
Student Leader: Caitlin Chapin (



Ready to get on stage? Open Mic Club is a recital space for students to perform music, poetry, and other work in front of a live audience. Performances are held on the last Sunday of every month in the MIAD Student Union.
Student Leader: Laine Rodriguez (



Pocket Gallery is dedicated to curating student, staff, and alumni work in a booklet created by and for the MIAD community. Students can learn and refine their publication and design skills in a low-risk, friendly, and familiar environment, or just submit to the Gallery itself. It’s an easy and accessible way to get inspired by others and gain exposure for your work. Create, submit, and connect with us at Pocket Gallery! Please follow us on Instagram @miadpocketgallery or visit our website.
Student Leader: Kennedy Gerber (
Student Leader: Liesel Barkei (



Rock Climbing Club introduces students to the vibrant and accepting community of rock climbing and helps them to scale to new heights. Whether novice or pro, Rock Climbing Club strives to guide students in their journeys to make and meet new goals, thrive in a community, and have a great time with friends new and old.
Student Leader: Olivia Chronister (



Do you like being outdoors, or want a low-pressure excuse to be more active? Or, are you looking for a group of friends to explore the city? If yes, Running & Walking Club is right up your alley! We organize weekly runs, walks, and hikes via our email list. All runs and walks start from the main MIAD building. Running & Walking Club also provides carpooling to local county and state parks for hikes. If you’re interested in joining, email any of our student leaders, or send us a DM on our Instagram, @miad_running_walking.
Student Leader: Maddy Koltun (
Student Leader: Jayden Ellsworth (



MIAD School Idol Club is a space for appreciating and pursuing the dreams of school idols like those from the Love Live series, Ensemble Stars, Project Sekai, and other iconic singing characters like Hatsune Miku. We aim to create a relaxed environment for fans to come to, whether that be to share their interests, or just have a safe space and listen to music. There will be frequently rotated events and activities like anime watch parties, oc idol groups, dance nights, live show watch parties, and more! Even if you’ve never heard of school idols before, anybody is welcome to come in, hang out, and be themselves!
Student Leader: Liam Gifford (



The MIAD Sound Collective is a supportive group of students, faculty and alumni who are interested in working solo and collaboratively in sound. No technical experience is needed to join! This is a knowledge sharing venture that draws on the unique experience of its members. Collective members are empowered to organize projects with other Collective members and the larger MIAD community while also seeking feedback or assistance on any solo work they may be doing. This includes making music, field recordings, interviews, sound experiments etc. The Collective has an ongoing arrangement with Riverwest Radio here in Milwaukee (104.1 FM) in which recordings that are produced can be aired locally and online through the Collective’s radio show.

The Collective shares messages, ideas, links, recordings and also organizes meetings via a Google Space. Collective members are all empowered to decide when and where to call meetings and what projects they want to organize either solo or collaboratively. Everyone is invited to join this group! Interested parties can email Peter Barrickman ( to join the Collective and be added to the Google Space.
Faculty Advisor: Peter Barrickman (



Somos Unidos is a student-led organization dedicated to creating community and opportunities for Latine and Hispanic students, as well as cultivating cultural awareness and appreciation. We welcome everyone and strive to create an open and accepting environment for all students.
Student Leader: Mason Sevilla (



Technique of the Week is a skillshare series hosted by the Lubar Emerging Technology Center. Once a week, we gather in the ETC to hear from various MIAD students, staff, alumni, and faculty about things they are working on in the realm of the unfamiliar, emergent, and technological in their practice. All are welcome to drop in during listed common hours to participate! Follow us on IG @etc.miad to stay up to date on upcoming TOW sessions.
Faculty Advisor: Kayle Karbowski (



Type Union is a club for all typography lovers (CD major or not). Members participate in typography and design workshops, learn and utilize different design tools and techniques, and go on typography-related field trips. Type Union provides a space for students to design, critique, and create fun projects to expand their skill set and artistic portfolios.
Student Leader: Loryn Dittlof (
Faculty Advisor: Leah Good (



Do you like to sing? Visual Harmony Acapella is a group of passionate students that love to express themselves through music. Every Friday, we meet in the Union to learn new pieces together—come sing with us!
Student Leader: Miranda Larsson (



“The punk ethos of do-it-yourself or DIY was and is still a refusal of the alienation and divisions of activities or skills… as well a sliding under state and corporate overpresence.” This quote by Mimi Thi Nguyen accurately describes the nature the motto Zine Club has always stood by: “DIY or die!” Zine Club is a safe and friendly environment to discuss and create zines, and to form connections with fellow students. Join Zine Club today!
Student Leader: Cedar Meik (
Student Leader: Asher Belangia (


Product Design students visualize unique toys

Juniors in the Compelling Narratives and Visualizations Product Design class at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) were challenged with understanding brand momentum and partnerships.

Milwaukee County Historical Society honors MIAD

In celebration of 50 years of art and design education, the Milwaukee County Historical Society honored the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) at their annual Awards Dinner on May 9, 2024.

GDUSA names MIAD Communication Design a top program

Solution-oriented, hands-on visual literacy: this is a core quality of the Communication Design program at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). In 2024, Graphic Design USA Magazine recognized MIAD’s Communication Design major as one of the top programs in the nation.

Students receive national honors from Society of Illustrators

Four illustration students and graduates from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) received national honors from the Society of Illustrators. MIAD’s Illustration and Animation programs were also ranked highly by Animation Career Review magazine.

Wool-ful: Senior Exhibition 2024

Intentionality and purpose have been driving forces in Mary Frances Hoffman’s life that continue at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). Combine them with a passion for knitting and sensory needs and you have Wool-ful, Hoffman’s senior exhibition project in Product Design.