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Student Activities & Organizations


Students can take part in one large all-school Student Party tradition each semester. In the fall students take part in the annual Halloween Party, and in the spring we have the MIAD Talent Show. There are several smaller activities that take place throughout the year including: taking part in the AIDS Walk Wisconsin, bringing therapy animals to campus through the Health Heelers organization, and the annual Blood Drives, and various other initiatives and events often determined and led by Student Party.


STUDENT Organizations

MIAD students create and run their own organizations, and any group of students, upon request, can create a new organization that meets its interests.  Current organizations include:


 Adventure Club

We are an indoor rock climbing and outdoor exploration club. Once a semester a class will be held at Turner Hall in downtown Milwaukee to certify students and allowing them to utilize Turner Hall’s indoor rock climbing gym. After you are certified you are welcome to join us every Friday evening at 5pm. The facility offers different degrees of difficulty for all levels-beginners to experienced climbers. There will also be other activities such as hiking, swimming, and sledding scattered throughout each semester when weather permits.  The club physically and mentally challenges students in a fun environment. The club teaches about proper equipment and safety. You do not need your own climbing gear nor do you need to climb every week.

Student Leader: Camryn Schake (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Ricky Heldt (



The purpose is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their role in society.  Alpha Lambda Delta is a Greek honorary society, not a fraternity or sorority.  The focus is on encouraging others academically, serving others through philanthropic efforts and becoming strong citizens in our society.

Acting Student President: Hannah Antonissen (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Alea Cross (


Ambrosia Designs

Ambrosia Designs is a way for MIAD students to express and accessorize themselves in creative ways. Up cycling clothes and creating a way for individuals to feel comfortable with themselves and look good in an affordable way! Any old clothes could be a new creation to someone out there, just add anything unique and watch yourself transform with Ambrosia Designs! 
Student Leader: Ayanna Gadsden (
Secondary Student Leaders: Ryan Story ( and Robert Lee (
Faculty/Staff Advisors: Maggie Sasso ( and Joe Boblick (



A laid-back club meant to bring those that enjoy Japanese animation and comics together.  We host monthly anime screenings and help with the preparation for the local anime convention Anime Milwaukee held in February.

Student Leaders: Autumn Willard ( and
Liz Bellin (



We are a group of IA+D students who are passionate about connecting with our professionals and preparing and learning about what is expected of us in our future careers.  Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, we strive to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives.  We host chapter meetings every month, participate in state-wide events and raise money so we can take our members to events at no cost.  Whether you are a student pursuing interior design or architecture, or not, this is a huge opportunity to learn more about the industry and a way to extend your network early on.

Student Leader: Jordan Hayne (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Bob Lynch (



We are a group of students who have found the game of billiards to be a great pastime in between our busy schedules.  We have organized tournaments and a pool league that anyone can join.  We will also teach the proper way to play for beginners.  We wish to create a friendly environment around the pool table that we have grown to love.

Student Leader: Miguel Delgadillo ( and
Carli Jordan (



Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game focused on having a good time and an amazing adventure. Everyone is welcome whether you’re a seasoned vet, or have never played before. we meet at the second-floor innovation center every Friday starting at 4:00. 

Student Leader: Raphaelle Depuhl (



Bring your knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, spinning wheel, loom or anything else fiber-related and just chill and work on your new projects, ask questions, and learn some new skills! Refreshments will be provided, come when you can. We meet every other Tuesday during the common hour and have a new theme each week with a demo and opportunities to experiment.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Shawn Simmons ( Maggie Sasso (



Bringing exposure to classic and contemporary cinema from all over the world through weekly screenings and discussions, with the hope of further expanding knowledge of the medium and provide a good source of inspiration for working in the field of art and design. 

Student Leaders: Lewis Perry (, Sonal Jain ( & Alan Peralta (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jamal Currie



We strive to encourage active participation amongst the student body to engage in dialogue, events, and workshops to better understand POC’s (people of color) experiences.  These interactions assist in creating an empathetic environment. 

Student Leaders: Sara Carter (, Cynthia Ho ( and Nia Rutledge (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Kim Miller (


GSA (Genders and Sexualities Alliance)

We are a group of LGBTQIA+ students and allies striving to create a safe and unified space for all. We offer information on LGBTQIA+ terminology and resources, as well as support to fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals. GSA raises awareness for LGBTQIA+ students at MIAD and connects them to the community. Members can participate in volunteer activities, connect with LGBTQIA+ resources in the community, and gather in a safe environment. We host Ally Week, Words Hurt Week, and the Day of Silence annually.

Student Leader: Abby Schwab (
Faculty Advisor: Courtney Maloney (



The ID professional group is the Student Chapter of the IDSA.  Active since the mid-80’s this chapter organizes professional events and guest lectures and workshops with invited designers, members attend events of the Wisconsin Chapter of IDSA.  Members are encouraged to attend the regional and national conference of the IDSA. 

Student Leaders: Tess Powers ( and Allison Klosinski (
Faculty/Staff Advisors: John Caruso, IDSA ( & Pascal Malassigne, FIDSA (



We’re a group that wants to serve and love the people at MIAD and Milwaukee. We take a look at how our art and spirituality are connected through weekly Bible studies, prayer, and community. 
Advisor: Laura Kraft (



ISO is a student run photography club at MIAD dedicated to providing learning resources and professional practices through artist talks, studio visits and workshops allowing deeper interest in the medium of photography.  ISO also aims to build a strong photography community not only within the walls of MIAD but within the greater Milwaukee community.

Student Leader: Nick Drain (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jon Horvath (



We aim to create a time and place for MIAD students that play or are interested in learning how to play Magic the Gathering.  We meet once a week in the 4th floor Junior Illustration Studios on Sunday nights at 7pm.  Players of all formats are welcome to join us as we enjoy some casual games of magic.

Student Leader: Jaylen Vasallo (



MIAD Print Club was formed by a group of rag tag print making bandits working as missionaries of the process. Hosting workshops, designing tee shirts, fundraising for events – we’re pulling proofs like it’s 1440. Novices welcome – we’ll make a printmaker out of you! We manifest our own destiny – come plan events with us!

Student Leader: KC Harrison (, Ariel Scott ( and Ray Powers (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Matt Presutti (



Have a lot of great ideas for events and initiatives we can do on campus and in the area?  Do you like planning and being involved?  Then Student Party is the place for you!  Help with the MIAD Student Party Traditions – AIDS Walk WI, Blood Drives, the MIAD Halloween, Health Heelers, etc.  We meet every Wednesday in the 3rd floor Open Space at 11am.




A student-run curatorial program at MIAD.  Acting as an experimental laboratory, Swim Team’s aim is to support both MIAD students and emerging artists through curatorial visibility and an exposure to a supportive arts community.  Check our Swim Team facebook page for meeting updates:

Student Leader: Jocelyn Escobar ( & Jannet Habibovic (
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Chelsea Holton (



Join Video game club for a variety of different games from Smash Brothers to Mario Kart to indie games and cinematic games. Even try out new games just released to check it out and see if you like it in a before you buy play session. Here you can come play against other friends or together and have a fun time socializing with people that like games just like you.

Student Leader: Xavier Perez ( Brianna Biloff (



If you are interested in starting an organization that doesn’t currently exist please contact Student Party (

Please submit the following in reference to the organization you’d like to create:

  1. Proposed name of the organization.
  2. Names of the organizing students, including a primary contact person.
  3. Name(s) of the proposed faculty/staff advisor(s) – if applicable.
  4. A statement that the organization is open to all and exclusively comprised of currently enrolled MIAD students.
  5. Statement of compliance with and support for all MIAD policies and procedures.
  6. Purpose and objective of the group.
  7. Is a meeting space needed?