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Student Activities & Organizations


Students can take part in one large all-school Student Party tradition each semester. In the fall, students may participate in the annual Halloween Costume Contest, and in the spring the MIAD Talent Show. There are several smaller activities that take place throughout the year including: taking part in the AIDS Walk/5K Wisconsin, a themed movie marathon, and other initiatives and events often determined and led by Student Party.

STUDENT Organizations

MIAD students create and run their own organizations, and any group of students, upon request, can create a new organization that meets its interests.  Current organizations include:


Stay tuned for more information!
Student Leader: Miranda Larsson (



The purpose is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their role in society. Alpha Lambda Delta is a Greek honorary society, not a fraternity or sorority. The focus is on encouraging others academically, serving others through philanthropic efforts and becoming strong citizens in our society.
Staff Advisor: Mónica Lloyd (



We are a group of IA+D students who are passionate about connecting with our professionals and preparing and learning about what is expected of us in our future careers. Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, we strive to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives. We host chapter meetings every month, participate in state-wide events and raise money so we can take our members to events at no cost. Whether you are a student pursuing interior design or architecture, or not, this is a huge opportunity to learn more about the industry and a way to extend your network early on.
Faculty Advisor: Bob Lynch (



A club that allows for students particularly of the animation track and interest to be able to come to this gathering, and be able to bond and share their favorite animation works. We utilize our club time to allow members to submit their favorite animated short films, music videos, MAPS (multi animator projects), and even their own work for display. We create these submissions in the form of a playlist, where people can submit their beloved works on our very own Discord server. As the club continues to grow, we hope by the end of the year, we can do a short and fun collaborative animation project of everyone’s work and display it, and have a final watch party to admire our efforts.
Student Leaders: Ava Seberg ( & Izzy Washkowiak (



The MIAD Anime Club is a space where people are free to express and talk about their love of anime! We welcome newcomers and old-timers of the medium alike, coming together weekly to discover new shows voted on by the club. We also use our discord to host anime related art projects, such as DTIYS and zines! We welcome all MIAD students to our club and hope you can find a place to talk about the things you enjoy.
Student Leader: Callen Thompson (



A student-led organization with a mission to promote cultural awareness on campus concerning Asian experiences in America, particularly in the creative setting. Our aim is to facilitate healthy conversations amongst the student population who are interested in learning more about this experience while providing a safe and supportive environment for creatives of various Asian backgrounds.
Student Leader (President): Thomas Pham (
Student Leader (Vice President): Arianna Bono (
External Advisor: Quyen Tonnu (



Please reach out to Benji for more information!
Student Leader: Benji Cole (



A student-run union open to all, dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for Black MIAD students, and fostering healthy dialogue concerning inclusivity and diversity within the college. The MIAD chapter of the Black Student Union intends to promote and educate on the Black experience in both our college and country.
Student Leader: Jazz Harper (



D&D club is a gathering place for fans of all tabletop RPGs, meeting online through a club discord server. We connect players, share resources, art, and inspiration and host creative events. We’re open to everyone, whether you’re a veteran GM or a brand new player.
Student Leader: Taylia Smith (
Student Leader:
Cameron Maas (



Exercise Club is for anyone looking to stretch and get a short and (hopefully fun!) workout into their schedule. We will typically meet and exercise for about 30 minutes every other week. We also try to vary our activities and are always open to recommendations!
Student Leader: Sarah Belott (



Open to all MIAD students, Fibers Club is rooted in the exploration of all things fiber!  During our meetings, we will demonstrate various fiber techniques, such as knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery and mending.  We will also be hosting guest speakers and workshops throughout the year. Join us and bring your current WIP! 
Student Leader: TBD
Faculty Advisor: Sarah Eichhorn (



The Fighting Game Club is a place to hang out and play fighting games, exploring the unique genre of games such as Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, Guilty Gear, and many more. We also talk about all things fighting games, such as game play, art, design, music, etc. The Fighting Game Club is welcome to everyone, whether you are a veteran training for tournaments or just a newcomer wanting to mash buttons with your friends. Win or lose, the most important thing is to have fun!
Student Leader: Jalen Reynolds (



We are a group of LGBTQIA+ students and allies striving to create a safe and unified space for all. We offer information on LGBTQIA+ terminology and resources, as well as support to fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals. GSA raises awareness for LGBTQIA+ students at MIAD and connects them to the community. Members can participate in volunteer activities, connect with LGBTQIA+ resources in the community, and gather in a safe environment. We host Ally Week, Words Hurt Week, and the Day of Silence annually.
Student Leader: Abby Schwab (
Staff Advisor: Richard Anderson-Martinez (



Genshin Impact Club is interested in creating a space for everyone interested in all things Genshin. We meet for events, host watchparties, do Genshin themed DIYs, and more.
Student Leaders: Malina Gentile ( or Liam Gifford (



We strive to encourage active participation among the student body to engage in dialogue, events and workshops to better understand POC’s (people of color) experiences.  These interactions assist in creating an empathetic environment.
Student Leaders: Aña Edwards ( and Setirah McDade (
Faculty Advisor: Kim Miller (



Are you passionate about Graphic Novels? Are you interested in discussing the medium with other like-minded people? Are you interested in reading graphic novels that are different and unique in their own right? The MIAD Graphic Novel Book Club is a bi-weekly club where we get together and discuss and read all types of comics! From the manga lover, to someone whose only interested in superhero comics, come join us!
Student Leader: Matthew Spencer (



Hillel Milwaukee strives to create a dynamic, warm and celebratory Jewish environment for Milwaukee’s university students and young adults.
Director of Jewish Student Life: Anna Goldstein (



The ID professional group is the Student Chapter of the IDSA.  Active since the mid-80’s this chapter organizes professional events and guest lectures and workshops with invited designers. Members attend events of the Great Lakes Chapter of IDSA.  Members are encouraged to attend the regional and national conference of the IDSA.
Student Leaders: Sabrina Cameli ( and Szymon Salamon (
Faculty Advisors: John Caruso ( and Pascal Malassigné (



We’re a group that wants to serve and love the people at MIAD and in Milwaukee. We take a look at how our art and spirituality are connected through weekly Bible studies, prayer and community.
Advisor: Josh Green (



We aim to create a time and place for MIAD students that play, or are interested in learning how to play, Magic the Gathering. Players of all formats are welcome to join us as we enjoy some casual games of magic.
Student Leader: Paolo Vacala (



Pocket Gallery’s goal is to produce and develop a monthly booklet featuring a variety of artists from the expanded MIAD community! Anything goes in terms of submission (illustrations, paintings, photography, writing, videos, etc.). Our team not only collects and curates work, we also conduct student interviews, write short articles, manage a website and maintain a social media presence! If you’re looking for a fun way to connect to your peers’ artwork, Pocket Gallery might be the right fit for you!
Check out our website!
Follow us @miadpocketgallery
Student Leader: Adam Fehring (
Faculty Advisor: TBA Fall 2021



Have a lot of great ideas for events and initiatives we can do on campus and in the area?  Do you like planning and being involved?  Then Student Party is the place for you!  Help with the MIAD Student Party Traditions – AIDS Walk WI, Halloween Costume Contest, Movie Marathon, and more.  We meet every Wednesday during the common hour (11am-12:30pm) in room 399A.
Contact us:



The Tea Club is a group open to anyone looking for conversation and community. We meet to have discussions about whatever is on our mind or are interested in: could be a podcast, video, or just an experience someone had. Of course also while drinking tea.
Student Leader: Josephine Bieker (



Student Leaders: Hailey Roddy (, Michie Miller ( and Addie Thornsbury (



Student Leader: Asher Belangia (



Zine book club is a space for students to create, talk about and amplify zines and zine-making. If you are interested in zines as a viewer, creator, or both, you might like Zine Book Club! Experienced zinesters and beginners are all welcome!
Student Leader: Aaron Meik (

If you are interested in starting an organization that doesn’t currently exist please contact Student Party (
Please submit the following in reference to the organization you’d like to create:

  1. Proposed name of the organization.
  2. Names of the organizing student(s), including a primary contact person.
  3. Name(s) of the proposed faculty/staff advisor(s) – if applicable.
  4. A statement that the organization is open to all and exclusively composed of currently enrolled MIAD students.
  5. A statement of compliance with and support for all MIAD policies and procedures.
  6. Purpose and objective of the group.
  7. Is a meeting space needed?
  8. What platform will the group use to conduct meetings (in-person, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc)?