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Summer & Fall 2024 Registration Information

Summer/Fall 2024 schedule of classes is now available! 

Link to the summer/fall schedule of classes (minor information is included, and much more):

Students received an informational email, program of study (you will receive a separate email for each of your majors/minors), and a registration planner to your MIAD email.  Please read the entire informational email!  There is a lot of information in it that you may find helpful.

You can find the MIAD to Marquette cross-registration form here.

If you still need to register for summer/fall classes, or would like to make changes to your schedule, please contact Megan Cunningham or Jean Weimer.  

Be assured that we will work with you to get you into your major classes. MIAD guarantees seats in your major classes but cannot guarantee specific sections or topics. Please be flexible and willing to move things around.  If you are not able to get into a full schedule during registration, Don’t Panic!  Megan and Jean will work with you to ensure that you get into the classes you need to progress towards graduation.  Registration is just a process and your schedule can change up through the first week of the fall semester!  

If you read nothing else, read this:

Registration is just a process!  If you are not able to get into the classes that you need, do not panic!  The Registrar’s office will work with you to get into the classes that you need to progress towards graduation.  MIAD guarantees seats in your major classes!  MIAD cannot guarantee specific days/times or topics.  After registration, the Registrar’s office goes through every registration to ensure that prerequisites are met and that students are enrolled in the classes they need to progress towards graduation.  As you can imagine, this process takes some time!  Please be patient and we will contact students that are not in all of their classes to progress towards graduation to work with you individually.

More Helpful information:

Link to Program of Study Videos:

How to read your Program of Study  – how to read your program of study & program of study for each major by class.  There is a lot of useful information in these videos (if I do say so myself :).

Updated Course Information/Changes


HUMT380A: Service Learning: Growing Resistance: Victory Garden Incentive now meets in summer session 6B: June 24 – August 2.  This class is in-person and requires your own transportation to & from Victory Garden Initiative.


FYE121D: Children’s Market for Illustrators TTH 8:30-11:00; Andy Rash: Illustrators often create products and entertainment intended for children. This studio course explores several types of illustration work, including book publishing, surface design, and animated show conceptualization. Students will create work meeting real-world criteria and develop their craft and personal voice in this sampler platter of children’s illustration markets.

FYE121F: Community Partnerships F 8:30-2:00; Hj Bullard: Throughout this course we will explore ideas around community partnerships in Milwaukee that operate in the pursuit of justice. Focusing on four areas of local partnered justice work – health, food, history, education – we will meet community leaders, learn through reading, discussion, and creative making, and active partnerships. Collaborative work will focus specifically on youth empowerment. Topics in this class may include themes such as intergenerational knowledge building, food aid and access; LGBTQ+ focused community resources; incarceration; elder care, nature and community integration. What is the value of these inter-institutional, inter-organizational partnerships? How do they work (and what doesn’t)? How do they work to promote knowledge production and community action? And how can we as cultural producers responsibly focus on leveraging our skill-set in solidarity and support of local justice?

Cancelled Courses


HUMT121A: Intro to Humanities – Canceled

WRTG200A: Critical Conversations – Canceled



ARTH318G: Reciprocity & Native Arts – Canceled

NSP220D: Documentary Strategies – Canceled

NSP400B: Standpoints & Circumstances – Canceled

NSP250B: Professional Practice I – Canceled


Added Courses


HUMT380C: Education in America May 13 – July 19 MW 1:00-4:30pm; Janna Wrench


DS307J: Creative Project Development TTH 12:30 – 3:00; Maxwell, Drew Prerequisites – Vis. Dev/Storytelling or IL210: Illustration I

course description: This course offers students the opportunity to explore the various processes, techniques and standards of creative project development through the completion of the pre-production stage. Students will work more independently and customize their individual class experience because, based on what type of project each student chooses to develop, no two projects will be the same. Through class lectures, strategic-planning meetings with the instructor, ongoing critiques, and assignments, students will work to conceive, research and revise a project pitch to be presented to the class for feedback. From there students will refine their project, create various concept artwork, story outlines and market research. Students will present assignments to the class for ongoing feedback while working to focus/refine their individual projects along the way leading up to the final project. Students will have the freedom to develop almost any type of creative project in this class- Examples: animation, children’s book, graphic novel, video game, television show, toyline, tabletop game, etc.

Check with Registrar's office for available classes.

Course enrollment changes daily – check with the Registrar’s office for available classes

Summer 2024 Academic Calendar:

6A: May 13 – June 21

10A: May 13 – July 19

6B: June 24 – August 2

May 27 – Memorial Day – no classes

June 19 – Juneteenth – no classes

July 4 – 4th of July – no classes

Fall 2024 Academic Calendar:

August 26 – Fall classes begin

August 30 – Open enrollment ends at 2:00pm

September 2 – Labor Day Holiday – no classes

October 14 – 15 – Fall break – no classes

November 1 – Last day to withdraw from fall classes (by 2:00pm)

November 27 – 29 – Thanksgiving break – no classes

December 13 – End of fall classes

Spring 2025 Academic Calendar:

January 13 – Spring classes begin

January 17 – Open enrollment ends at 2:00pm

January 20 – Martin Luther King jr. Day – no classes

March 10-14 – Spring break – no classes

March 21 – Last day to withdraw from spring classes (by 2:00pm)

May 2 – End of spring classes

May 10 – Graduation Ceremony





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