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Tutoring Services

MIAD acknowledges and supports the diverse and creative learning styles of art and design students by providing tutoring and mentoring services to meet individual academic needs. This support includes writing, reading and college study strategies, research assistance, time management, as well as transitioning and getting to know MIAD.

The Academic Success Center (ASC)  is an integral part of MIAD’s Library and Learning Commons. The ASC staff can provide a listening ear for your ideas, share reading and learning strategies, help you shape your ideas on the written page, and offer research suggestions and assistance. In the Academic Success Center, you can work with either a peer tutor or the Coordinator of Tutoring Services in individualized tutoring sessions. Many students find the quiet and comfortable atmosphere on the ASC ideal for study. Peer tutors/mentors are knowledgeable and experienced in the MIAD community. They are student advocates and caring role models, possess strong academic and problem-solving skills, are good listeners, patient, compassionate, responsible, and dedicated to helping other students discover their potential to succeed at MIAD.

  • Room: RL100, Academic Success Center
  • Hours: Tutors are available Monday–Friday and Sundays (when the Learning Commons is open)

Students may schedule either a virtual or in-person appointment, or they may choose to stop in the ASC when they have a question or an assignment.

For information on tutoring or research assistance, please contact Samantha Holt, Coordinator of Tutoring Services, Room RL100A,