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MIAD Lubar Innovation Center

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MIAD Lubar Innovation Center

The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) is where emerging technology meets creativity. The MIAD Innovation Center is the college’s hub that fosters innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and making to challenge our students’ individual interests, support academic programming and collaborate with corporate and nonprofit partners.

The MIAD Lubar Innovation Center develops innovators through three unique approaches to engagement:

Incubation – provides a common space open to all students, regardless of  major, to experiment, develop and generate creative ideas, projects and methodologies.

Collaboration – supports students to come together and explore opportunities to collaborate outside of structured courses, while providing corporate clients, nonprofits and innovative industry leaders opportunities to work with students and provide students with real-world, hands-on experience.

Education – engages students and the community in ongoing educational seminars, discussions and demonstrations on inspiring topics and ideas, innovative methodologies, the entrepreneurial spirit, legal issues, market understanding and social and cultural diversity.

Innovation Center project presentation

“Our work with the students at the MIAD Lubar Innovation Center was an incredible experience. Students were full of energy and certainly not afraid to venture into the new territories that our path took. I was most impressed with the creativity of each student and how diverse their finished products were from one another well beyond my expectations.”

– Ken Matthews, owner of ink360, following a project to design labels for 360° bottle printing


“I’m really impressed not only with the creative process, but the approach and questions the students ask. Their questions are helping me figure out my brand voice.”

– Garrett Laugavitz, entrepreneur and founder of Ginger Guard sunscreen, following a project where MIAD students helped him establish his brand through logo design, animations and a web presence


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Photography alum Sarah Stankey ’13 shares the vulnerable and traumatic experience of 90 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in her new exhibition “What to Expect,” hosted by Madison’s Arts + Literature Laboratory as part of the Bridge Work Madison program.

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Twelve New Studio Practice: Fine Arts sophomores took their art out of the classroom and exhibited work locally at TASK Creative as part of Adjunct Assistant Professor Grant Gill’s course “Singularity & Multiplicity.”