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Continuing Education

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Bringing creative minds together for professional development and personal enrichment.
New trends, technology and challenges need new ideas, skill sets and relationships. MIAD’s Continuing Education helps meet these challenges through innovative programming that fosters:
• Interdisciplinary thought and practices
• Re-envisioning of personal and professional creativity
• Collaborative cultural and business relationships that enhance exceptional learning opportunities

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Choosing the Right Ability Level

Beginning or Introductory Classes develop basic skill sets in a variety of disciplines that span fine arts, design and related technologies and have no prerequisites. The foundation built through introductory-level instruction:
• Teaches basic competency levels
• Enhances and regenerates creative development
• Establishes a pathway to higher levels of learning
Intermediate and Advanced Classes have the prerequisites listed which are considered the minimum knowledge needed to participate effectively in a class that is designed to:
• Explore subject areas in depth
• Assist participants to develop a body of work
• Promote interdisciplinary practices
• Encourage conceptual development
• Provide art/design historical context
• Conduct regular critique sessions
• Develop portfolio-ready pieces
• Promote professional networking opportunities
Questions about these programs? Contact MIAD Continuing Education: 414‑847‑3333,

Registration for the Summer Semester

Registration has closed for 2021 Summer Continuing Education.

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Summer Classes - Registration has closed.

In-Person Weeknight Classes 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

SB755C: Drawing from Observation (NEW)
In this course, participants use observational drawing as a foundation to learn the basic elements of art, including line, form, value and texture. Through weekly exercises, students work towards developing an eye for interesting compositions and expressive renderings of objects in space. Participants leave with the skills necessary to further explore drawing as a medium for self expression. Beginners welcome!
In-Person: Mondays
May 10 – June 21 (No class May 31), 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Gabriela Escovar

SB548C: Character Design (NEW)
In this class students design a wide range of characters for animation, video games, comics and all sequential artforms. Using styles ranging from simple graphic lines and colors to hyper-realistic characters for 3D and live-action, participants develop multiple characters that they can use in a variety of applications and projects. Students gain experience with  simple builds and line-of-action drawing to set poses as well as creating traditional front, side and ¾ stances that can be used for dynamic posing, action  and consistency in their drawing.
In-Person: Mondays
May 10 – June 21 (No class May 31), 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Jon Brown

SB756C: Illustrating Environments (NEW)
An environment is a pivotal, and sometimes overlooked, component of an illustration. Working digitally, students in this course learn to illustrate one inside environment and one outside environment. All levels welcome! No experience with digital illustration is necessary.
In-Person: Tuesdays
May 11 – June 15, 6 sessions
Tuition: $235 ($215 before April 4)
Instructor: Jaclyn Schwanke

SB758C: Painting for Beginners (NEW)
Introducing three modes of painting including acrylic, gouache and watercolor, this course covers the basics of color theory. Participants complete short exercises as well as more involved painting projects, to aid in their understanding of the physical properties each mode of painting has to offer.  Painting for Beginners helps students make connections between their chosen subject matter and selecting a mode of painting that will strengthen their content.
In-Person: Wednesdays
May 12 – June 16, 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Zoë Darling

SB757C: Intro to 3D Modeling (NEW)
By focusing on elements of design, research and building up technical ability within the digital sculpture medium, students learn the fundamental and technical basics of 3D modeling and its purpose in the entertainment industry to create a complex and believable creature. Students begin with a general overview of Pixologic’s Zbrush software and various 3D sculpture tools to bring their creature to life. Areas covered include importing/exporting, polypaint, texture maps and renders. Open to all levels of experience.
In-Person: Wednesdays
May 12 – June 16, 6 sessions
Tuition: $235 ($215 before April 4)
Instructor: Kyle DeGroot

Online Weeknight Classes 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

SB724C: Intro to Hand Lettering
Hand lettering is both an art and a craft. This introductory course covers the basic principles and techniques associated with lettering by hand, including letter proportions and spacing, historical references, tools of the trade and commercial opportunities. Each lesson is intended to give students an additional tool in their artistic toolbox as we explore the why and the how in this essential form of communication.
Online: Tuesdays
May 11 – June 15, 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Craig Kalbas

SB761C: Intro to Graphic Design (NEW)
Graphic design is an omnipresent reality of our collective experiences. The best examples are nearly invisible and often improve our daily lives. Less successful examples can be ineffective, frustrating and even create negative results. This class introduces students to the unifying principles and elements that fall under the umbrella of visual communication design. Students identify, define and discuss these guiding concepts through application in practical, real-world projects. No prior knowledge of computer graphics software is required. Students are provided access to course software but will need a computer to run the software.
Online: Wednesdays
May 12 – June 16, 6 sessions
Tuition: $235 ($215 before April 4)
Instructor: Jody Campbell

Online Saturday Morning Classes 9:00 a.m. – Noon

SB760A: Cross-Cultural Engagement through Filmmaking (NEW)
Regardless of location, a complex set of questions arises when attempting to engage people with a camera. This course focuses on building the skills involved in documenting a community and looking at one’s own city through a new lens. By studying a history of documentary films, journalistic ethics and the role filmmaking can play in social change, we increase our ability to think critically about cross-cultural engagement as well as gain practical video-production skills. This course prepares students to conduct interviews, use a camera, record sound and create documentaries of varying lengths and is particularly suited for those interested in journalism, travel, ethics and social justice.
Online: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Tuition: $235 ($215 before April 4)
Instructor: Jesse Chehak

SB736A: Intro to Sculpture (NEW)
Designed for students of all levels who wish to explore three-dimensional art, this course provides an overview of contemporary sculptural practice by exploring the relationship between idea and form. Students are instructed in traditional processes such as fabric, inflatables, cardboard and plaster. Class discussions focus on materials, design and techniques that aid in the conceptualization and completion of one-of-a-kind sculptures.
Online: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Brit Krohmer

In-Person Saturday Morning Classes 9:00 a.m. – Noon

SB759A: Mastering Composition in Charcoal (NEW)
Drawings often contain many separate well done areas, but could use compositional help to form a stronger and more cohesive whole. Using still life objects, this course focuses on exploring strategies that create a strong composition in a value drawing (as opposed to rendering individual objects). Strategies include groupings, shape repetition, creating a focal area through light and shadow and simplification. Master works are used as a point of departure when considering placement, focal point, lighting and eye movement. Some basic prior drawing instruction is helpful.
In-Person: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Rosalie Beck

SB730A: Mixed Media
In this class, students gain an understanding of how various wet and dry media can work together to create dynamic imagery. In-class demonstrations of multiple materials, transfer techniques and a strong focus on experimentation give way to the opportunity for students to focus on one piece or a series of work. The class highlights attributes of various media such as ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencils and acrylics while giving students the chance to combine those materials in a variety of ways.
In-Person: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Andy Pilarski

SB625A: Korean Ink Brush Painting
Learn basic techniques of ink brush painting and gain an understanding and appreciation of East Asian art and its aesthetics. In-class demonstrations include basic brush stroke techniques, composition and essential skills needed to paint the Four Gentlemen (orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms). These skills are practiced individually and with the instructor. Students may bring their own sumi ink stick, brushes or sumi paper, but supplies, including a brush and paper, are available for purchase during class. All levels of experience are welcome.
In-Person: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Jeesun Johnson

SB537A: Intro to Digital Photography
Students develop competency in the digital darkroom through lessons and projects that teach photography and digital editing skills that result in expressive visual language. No previous experience with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom is necessary; however, students must have their own DSLR camera. This course includes photography assignments that require some minimal time commitment beyond the scheduled classes.
In-Person: May 8 – June 26 (No class May 22 or May 29), 6 sessions
Tuition: $235 ($215 before April 4)
Instructor: Daniel McCullough

In-Person Saturday Afternoon Classes

SB762B: DIY Cyanotypes (NEW)
Cyanotype is a historic photographic process that produces rich and exciting blue colored prints. It can be further used in nontraditional ways, including reproducing drawings, copying collages, printing photo negatives and imprinting objects as photograms. Each week students make a number of prints outdoors while also learning about the chemical and printing processes, at home set up and creative techniques. A number of thematic prompts guide the class week-to-week including observing nature, the accessible and immediate environment and contour line observational drawing.
In-Person: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Saturdays, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Grant Gill

SB696B: Gallery Tour MKE 
Meet people, view the projects, events and exhibitions that make Milwaukee unique, and explore the local creative community by being present in the spaces where art happens! Looking away from our digital screens and being physically present at art events and spaces helps develop a better understanding of our creative community, and helps weave a narrative about its history and ongoing transformation. Whether you are an artist or an art-lover, this course provides the opportunity to explore these spaces and ask questions.
In-Person: May 8 – June 19 (No class May 29), 6 sessions
Saturdays, Noon – 3:00 p.m.
Tuition: $215 ($190 before April 4)
Instructor: Maeve Jackson

One-Day Workshops

SB763A: Paper Folding (NEW) 
In this workshop, students explore various methods to transform paper into engaging three-dimensional forms. Techniques such as folding, cutting, crumpling and pleating are introduced. The workshop also examines how these techniques are utilized in product design ideation, architectural model making, sculpture and pop-up book design. No experience necessary. Supplies included.
In-Person: Saturday, June 26, 10:00 a.m. – Noon, 1 session
Tuition: $35
Instructor: Molly Noyes

SB764A: Creating Calm: Mindfulness, Awareness and Identity through an Expressive Arts Practice (NEW) 
Are you looking for a way to develop a creative arts practice and explore how art can help you slow down, get centered and get in touch with yourself? Art therapy is an experiential form of wellness and personal care, focused on the belief that the process of creating is therapeutic, healing and beneficial. This workshop introduces students to art therapy and explores how to use art and guided imagery meditation to create calm and find new ways of self-expression. Students don’t need to already feel that they are creative to participate—this process is for everyone! Suspend judgment, give yourself permission to play and enjoy tapping into this experience focused on wellness and personal care.
In Person: Saturday, June 26, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., 1 session
Tuition: $55
Instructor: Hannah Schmidt

Two-Day Workshops

SB765A: Creative Collage (NEW)
Explore the art of collage while using original materials created during the workshop with a variety of media. The inclusion of meaningful paper memorabilia is also encouraged, including photographs, images of meaningful places, personal artwork, family recipes, nostalgic product labels or logos and favorite fabrics. Gather and come ready to explore!
In-Person: Saturday, June 26 & Sunday, June 27, 2 sessions
9:00 a.m. – Noon
Tuition: $70
Instructor: Pat Hidson

SB688A: Contemporary Mosaics
This informative workshop is geared towards beginners who want to learn about basic mosaic techniques, tools and materials. Students gain confidence and receive a solid foundation of new skills all in one weekend. The workshop covers cutting techniques, proper adhesives, substrates, design/layout and grouting. A visual mosaic presentation is used to help educate and inspire. Students are introduced to a wide variety of materials and complete one or two projects during the workshop, exploring both traditional and contemporary techniques. All materials, supplies and use of tools are provided.
In Person: Saturday, May 22 & Sunday, May 23, 2 sessions
9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.
Tuition: $185
Instructor:  Carrie O’Malley

COVID-19 Information

The health and safety of the MIAD community, including all guests on campus, will continue to drive our decisions as we navigate and remain flexible during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we are taking the following precautions for the Spring Pre-College and Continuing Education program.

For in-person courses at MIAD:

  • Class sizes are restricted to allow for physical distancing.
  • Face masks are required. Students are required to provide their own face mask.
  • Sanitization products and instructions for properly sanitizing work spaces will be provided in the classrooms.
  • Students are expected to properly clean their work areas before and after use each class.
  • Students are expected to follow MIAD protocols for navigating the building (one-way stairwells, limits to number of persons in the elevators, etc.).
  • Students should self-monitor for signs of COVID-19, and we ask that students stay home if they are feeling ill.
  • If the instructor or anyone in a class tests positive for COVID-19 during the course, or if the campus is placed on extended lockdown due to the virus, students will be notified and the class will be cancelled. Reimbursements will be issued for the remaining classes.  As a six week course, there is not an opportunity to resume classes after a quarantine or lockdown period.

For Online courses:

  • Minimum technical requirements to ensure a successful experience will be posted on the supply lists.
  • Courses are taught synchronously. Therefore students will need to attend during the scheduled time as if the course were at MIAD.
  • Online courses will continue even if in-person courses are cancelled, unless an instructor tests positive for the virus. Online courses will be cancelled only if an instructor becomes ill, and reimbursements will be issued for the remaining classes.