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As of Monday, April 5, anyone over 16 years of age who lives, works or studies in the State of Wisconsin is eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.  This includes all MIAD students.



  • At this time, there are no known active positive COVID-19 cases in the MIAD community.
  • MIAD has conducted approximately 1,445 on-campus COVID-19 tests as of March 34, with 14 positive results, or a 0.97% positivity rate per test.
  • 21 cases are now considered inactive.

October 12: 99 new tests, 2 positive
October 19: 92 new tests, 1 positive
October 26: 91 new tests, 0 positive
November 5: 111 new tests, 6 positive
November 9: 83 new tests, 2 positive
November 16: 82 new tests, 2 positive
November 30: 152 new tests, 0 positive
January 11, 2021: 96 new tests, 0 positive
January 20, 2021: 70 new tests, 1 positive
January 27, 2021: 74 new tests, 0 positive
February 3, 2021: 82 new tests, 2 positive
February 10, 2021: 65 new tests, 0 positive
February 17, 2021: 71 new tests, 0 positive
February 24, 2021: 70 new tests, 0 positive
March 3, 2021: 73 new tests, 0 positive
March 17, 2021: 55 new tests, 0 positive
March 24, 2021: 46 new tests, 0 positive
March 31, 2021: 35 new tests, 0 positive

This dashboard will be updated once a week on Thursdays, or as new testing occurs, to reflect updated test information.


  • The City of Milwaukee Health Department continues to monitor the outbreak of COVID-19 in our city. The city remains under a public health order and is following a phased reopening plan. MIAD is following city and state orders, as well as guidelines from the CDC to protect students, faculty and staff, MIAD continues to take the appropriate safety measures.
  • The City of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin have issued mask mandates. Face masks must be worn indoors at area businesses, in the MIAD academic building, and within common areas of 252.
  • If you have been in contact with someone who has/may have COVID-19, download the COVID flowchart and contact
(Updated April 1, 2021)


MIAD’s Spring semester started January 11, 2021. The college’s plan for the Spring 2021 semester follows the academic plan introduced in Fall 2020. View the full plan here. 

Fall plan graphic

Click the image above to download the Fall 2020 Academic Plan.


The City of Milwaukee Health Department formally has approved MIAD’s Fall Reopening Plan.

We know the waiting has been challenging for our students and families, and we appreciate their patience. We cannot wait to welcome our students back to continue their education.

Thank you to all those who invested creativity, thought and time into making this a plan the City was able to approve for our MIAD community.


On Monday, August 10, two members of MIAD’s leadership team and I reviewed our COVID-19 Fall 2020 Plan with the City of Milwaukee’s Health Department. The meeting was positive, resulting in minor edits that we have submitted to the City. Click here for the edited Fall plan.

To summarize the most immediate, and frequently requested, information:

  • We are returning to campus through a blended learning approach that maximizes opportunity for growth, enrichment and community while maintaining best health and safety practices.
  • This approach includes appointment-based access to the labs regardless of whether a student is taking online classes or a combination of online and in-person options.

We continue to work with Marquette University regarding access to testing for our students, in addition to testing at public health facilities. More information on testing, contact tracing and possible isolation is in the plan.


College COVID-19 Planning Updates

July 21 - Fall 2020 Plan Update

Throughout the summer the COVID-19 Task Force and working groups have been planning for multiple scenarios so that MIAD is prepared to provide you with an outstanding learning experience this fall. We released initial details of the fall plan on May 25 and information on guiding principles for the plan on May 15.

This plan continues to evolve as we learn more about the parameters health experts and government officials (including the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin) will place on colleges and universities in August and beyond due to the pandemic.

First and foremost, we intend to return to campus in the fall, to the greatest extent prudent and permissible. Our goal remains to enable you to approach your college career in a way that works best for you and that maximizes flexibility, without delaying your progress toward your major and your degree.

The 2020-21 plan focuses on creating a safe, robust academic environment that does not sacrifice quality regardless of how the student accesses programming.

May 25 - Fall 2020 Plan Update

As we move from the end of spring semester and look ahead to fall, it is clear that MIAD’s extraordinary educational experience will evolve and grow in response to the global pandemic. First and foremost, we intend to return to campus in the fall, to the greatest extent prudent and permissible. But we can’t pretend that 2020-21 will be a typical academic year.

None of us has a crystal ball; we do not know how much the virus will be mitigated by August, or what parameters health experts and government officials (including the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, and the State of Wisconsin) will place upon colleges and universities. Given these complex circumstances, our goal is to enable you to approach your college career in a way that works best for you and that maximizes flexibility. For now, we want you to know that we are planning to respond to multiple scenarios so that we are prepared to provide you with an outstanding learning experience.

MIAD has made the following decisions for the Fall 2020 semester:

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

We will start the semester on August 31, and continue without a fall break until November 21 for Thanksgiving Break, November 21 – 29.  After Thanksgiving Break, students will have the option to either return to campus or remain at home to complete the semester. MIAD’s facility will continue to be available to students, but projects in the final three weeks of the semester will be developed in a way to allow students to complete the semester without the need to access the facility. Classes will end on December 18, 2020.  Spring 2021 will begin on January 11, 2021.

Fall 2020 Courses

A MIAD education comprises three core learning values: access to the facilities, access to the faculty and one another, and access to studio learning.  We will offer two course delivery options this Fall: 1) Face-to-face blended courses that include a variety of delivery strategies, and 2) Fully online. All learning will be delivered in a way that keeps students and faculty safe, provides essential access to MIAD’s facility, and maximizes student choice.

Blended Learning

To address all possibilities of what may occur during the semester, course content will be delivered in a blended fashion, meaning a combination of robust face-to-face faculty interaction, access to the facility, and significant online learning. For example, we know that at some point during the semester for every class there may be students or faculty who need to self-quarantine; in a blended course, the student could continue to complete coursework safely online without penalty, and the faculty could continue to instruct from a distance as needed. In addition, this will allow for flexible scheduling, with students split into groups to access the facility and faculty at different times.

Online options

Every course offered in Fall 2020 will be offered in an optional online-only delivery. Students must declare their intent to take their courses fully online before the start of the semester (we are still developing this process, so please do not contact the registrar’s office at this time). Students who declare online courses will have access to the facility at their own discretion, but will not be required to complete coursework using it. Please note that the cost of tuition and fees will remain the same regardless of which delivery method students choose.

Studios and Labs

Students who have an individual studio space will have access to it during the semester. Specialized labs and equipment will remain available to students, but students may be required to sign-up for a specific date and time in advance for access. Please note that if we have another city, county or state mandated lockdown, such access may need to be restricted or rescinded.

Housing for Fall 2020

To address safety concerns for student housing, MIAD and General Capital (the owners of 252 student apartments and coordinators of off-site housing) have agreed to eliminate triple rooms for 2020-21. All rooms will be double rooms unless a disability-related housing accommodation is arranged.

Working Groups

The COVID-19 Task Force has created several working groups to address various aspects of our Fall 2020 solution. Focusing on community safety, these working groups will begin to explore in depth the questions posed by the task force, and come up with creative solutions.

  • Facilities Access and Safety Protocols
  • Curriculum
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Digital Equity
  • Blended Learning
  • Scheduling
  • Academic Policy Support

Check the FAQs page for answers to specific questions about the plan.

Updated May 25, 2020