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Liberal Studies at MIAD

your community of ideas.

MIAD’s Liberal Studies program serves as your bridge between the studio and the world, between the classroom and the community. This is where students of all disciplines share common ground. Over one-third of your educational experience at MIAD is based in academic study, and we pride ourselves on offering you an intellectually rigorous, highly creative student-centered program. We believe that as an artist or designer you need to master verbal language, as much as visual, and Liberal Studies provides the insight to express your vision intellectually and artistically.

The goal of Liberal Studies is to transform you into a lifelong learner, and further your ability to communicate. Your thoughts are matured and solidified through dialogue, opinions are mashed, and ideas are fused. Questions become the root of your creations. In a typical academic environment questions are framed for you; at MIAD, we’ll position you to ask the questions and seek the answers that matter to you. We foster leadership through Liberal Studies by giving you opportunities to shape your own inquiry.


Our writing courses will challenge your critical and analytical thinking abilities, and prepare you to write professionally, confidently, and creatively. We’ll also ask you to visit galleries and museums, and to construct art historical contexts for the works of others through art and design history coursework. Our natural science courses will teach you the role of humanity in the environment and emphasize the impact we have on the world. Furthermore, in our humanities courses you’ll make connections among various ideas and experiences, and gain knowledge necessary to be an engaged citizen. MIAD will also offer you a unique community service educational component, which stresses the important societal role you play in the contemporary world.

Additionally, MIAD’s library serves as an important companion to the liberal arts and studio experience. With twenty-five thousand volumes, career books, reference materials and media, plus current art and design periodicals, your studies will be thoroughly complimented by our library’s resources. Through a network of local private colleges, you’ll have access to more than half a million additional library volumes. Additionally, online image and research databases will be available to you and augment your understanding the visual arts, humanities and sciences. A dedicated Learning Commons within the library will provide you with peer tutoring, access to learning specialists, and assistance with research and study skills. Liberal Studies encourages higher, more complex levels of understanding through collaborative discourse. Art and design aren’t quiet pursuits – as a creator, you reflect a shared experience. We want you to be a vital, active member of your culture and community. We want you to connect.