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June 9: A message from MIAD President Jeff Morin

Jun 9, 2020

Dear MIAD community, 

In some ways, it feels the world has changed drastically since I wrote to you last Monday. And yet, we all know that structural inequities simply have not changed for Black Americans. 

I have heard from many of you, via social media or directly by email, that we have failed to create the type of environment we promised you. I would like to acknowledge today the lack of trust so many of our Black students, and other students of color, share toward this college. I apologize for the institutional failures not only under my tenure, but for those that precede me. 

We had originally planned to release our 3-year plan for equity and inclusion later this month. The plan covers nearly every aspect of the college’s operations and is informed directly by data from this spring’s campus climate survey and academic research. However, our best intentions do not excuse the absence of Black voices, perspectives, and lived experiences among MIAD’s senior leadership. Before proceeding, we are committed to listening. We will be reaching out to local organizations this week to solicit guidance and feedback. 

I hear you. I strongly want to have all the answers to solve these issues, but I do not. I am calling on every member of the MIAD community to begin the work of fighting anti-Black racism and systematic oppression. These efforts require an investment of time, resources, and critical competence. This will be a long-term effort, and it’s one that I am deeply committed to.

A summary of the work completed this year related to equity and inclusion, as well as a summary of the climate survey data was shared with all students and employees at the end of May. To view this information, please visit

Many of you have asked about our relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD). We have no joint policing arrangements with MPD and have no MPD officers on our Security staff. We will not employ MPD officers at any events in the future. 

We will be able to offer more specifics on our actions in the near future. Until then, I welcome your questions and concerns as we work together on these efforts. 


Jeff Morin
MIAD President