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Yeon JeeYeon Josephine Jee is a footwear designer and a musician. In 2016, she launched Yeoji footwear featuring novel shoes with removable and interchangeable outsoles. She worked in New York City as a shoe designer for 10 years for companies like Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger, and Payless Shoe Source. She is a lead vocalist for a musical band, called Leaf Pile and plays the piano, the guitar, and the glockenspiel. For a bachelor’s degree, she studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute as a Presidential Scholar and received scholarships from General Motors and IDSA. For a Master’s, she studied Design Management at Pratt Institute and received the Excellence in Academic Achievement and was chosen as Valedictorian. In her commencement speech at the Radio City Music Hall addressing the graduating class of 2019, she shared her story of moving to America and becoming an undocumented alien at the age of 16. Upon obtaining her master’s degree, she started teaching at Pratt Institute. In 2020, she was awarded the AICAD Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship and started teaching at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. 

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