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Steve is an adjunct instructor in MIAD’s IA+D Program. He is an architectural lighting consultant and since 1998 he has been the principal lighting designer at Klein LightingÊlocated in Fox Point, Wisconsin. Steve didn’t stumble into the lighting profession by chance or happenstance. He was born into it. KleinÑthe great grandson of the founder of Lightolier Ð literally grew up in the lighting business.Ê

Steve was a student of Gilbert Hensley and graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in Communication Arts in 1976. Steve entered into the architectural lighting field upon graduation and continues to this day. His collaborations with associated design professionals make light an architectural material that shapes space and enhances perception, allowing clients to see architecture not only more clearly but more keenly.

His mission in education and specifically at MIAD, is to inspire a generation of confident young designers who know how to use light to best advantage in any kind of space. This knowledge is rare today and secret. It can be used to great advantage in any facet of architectural design. The knowledge covers theory, technique, application, neurological stimulation and comparative analysis. Students are picked on regularly, challenged in class and leave energized with visions of creativity.

Steve lectures nationally and his designs are both public and private.ÊÊ