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All MIAD continuing education classes have been cancelled for the evening of Thursday, March 16th due to inclement weather.  The academic building will be closed at 6pm.

For Friday classes, MIAD’s policy is that classes will be cancelled whenever the Milwaukee Public Schools close because of a snow emergency.  If MPS closes for reasons other than snow, MIAD
will be open unless a specific MIAD announcement is made.

The following TV channels and radios stations will carry any MIAD announcements:


  • WTMJ Channel 4
  • WITI Channel 6
  • WISN Channel 12


  • WTMJ 620 AM  
  • WISN 1130 AM
  • WKTI 94.5 FM
  • WRIT 95.7 FM
  • WLTQ 97.3 FM
  • WKKV 100.7 FM
  • WMIL 106.1 FM