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Paired courses create The Modern Myths Fall 2013

Professors Chris Beetow and Dr. Barbara McLaughlin offered paired courses in Fall 2013, coming together to create “From Storytelling to Gaming: The Modern Myths, Fall 2013.” This course acts as an example of Illustration coursework and the integrated MIAD learning experience.


Work by Laura Horton ’14 


modernmyths-happystudentsAs a means for retaining their histories, for sharing fears, dreams, visions, and as means for making sense of the universe, humans have characteristically turned to storytelling. Most cultures feature mythic and legendary narrative cycles featuring common humanistic themes, despite differences in geographic location or differing value systems. How have the common themes evolved from the ancient myths and legends to the present day video game? Drawing on narrative theories and close analysis of literary and visual texts in order to understand the role and structure of myths and central cultural stories, we will consider how the world of video games offers possibilities to creators and viewers to connect with, and enact, the central human practice of storytelling through researching and writing a story and creating game concept art. 

Discover more about this course through Professor Beetow’s class syllabus.

View a summary of the semester’s work from Professors Beetow and McLaughlin’s presentation on The Modern Myths. 



To download and read a PDF, get Adobe Acrobat Reader

To download and read a PDF, get Adobe Acrobat Reader