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Five-Year Strategic Plan

Student at cintiq in Open Lab

Launching Milwaukee’s Creative Professionals

According to the World Economic Forum, the top skills most relevant to ensuring thriving businesses, cultures and individual lives are “thinking skills related to critical thinking, creativity and their practical application.”

Exceptionally educated designers and artists use these skills in a rapidly changing world defined by emerging technologies, an entrepreneurial spirit and new ways of communicating. Designers and artists address opportunities and challenges, new and long-standing. They ask, “What’s Possible?” and then develop real solutions – from products to experiences – to meet real needs.

Nowhere are these top skills more needed than in Milwaukee, and nowhere is there a college more poised to provide them. As a single-mission, nonprofit college providing a professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, MIAD is growing its integrated academic programs, student and community experiences, and unique application of emerging technologies in a new innovation center.

MIAD is also growing its enrollment and will achieve a 25 percent increase over the next five years. Out-of-state enrollment is approaching 50 percent, with 80 percent of graduates continuing to remain in Wisconsin. Through this strategic plan, MIAD is launching the programs and professionals who will transform our community.


Five-Year Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives

1. Recruiting – Seeking future artists and designers

  • Increase new student enrollment to 274 (14 percent) by fall 2022.
  • Provide scholarship and grant aid at appropriate levels to maintain affordability of, and access to, MIAD’s education.
  • Diversify enrollment of new students demographically and geographically.

2. Retaining – Promising our students a four-year professional journey

  • Increase first-time, first-year student retention 2 percent annually, to reach 82 percent by 2022.
  • Increase sophomore-to-junior retention rates in the majors to 90 percent by Fall 2022 (i.e., sophomore attrition no higher than 10 percent).
  • Increase retention rates of various groups such as first-generation students, minority students and commuters, among others with identified needs, by fall 2022.

3. Learning – Launching new and compelling curricular programming

  • Create new curricular tracks to respond to students’ evolving interests in contemporary design and art programming and careers.
  • Enrich integrative learning through annual college-wide themes of inquiry.
  • Energize student learning through increased role of digital technology in studios, classrooms and courses.

4. Making – Revitalizing the campus to transform learning

  • Create a compelling physical and external presence that invites the community to engage with MIAD’s galleries, programs and facilities.
  • Establish our brand throughout the campus to reinforce the MIAD experience.
  • Create an engaging learning environment to transform student learning.
  • Create a degree requirement for professional experiences that includes internships and a variety of experiential learning opportunities.

5. Living – Building a life of purpose in the professions and the community

  • Develop a center to foster innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Strengthen the college’s commitment to Service Learning to continue to distinguish our students’
    roles in the community.
  • Develop programming to increase the economic, cultural and societal role MIAD plays in the region.

For more information about the Strategic Plan, contact President Jeff Morin at or 414-847-3210.