Will Pergl

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Full Professor Level One

I strive to be an instructor who can look at student work with a critical eye and an open mind. My concerns and opinions are shared with students in a style aimed not at inviting emulation, but at equipping students with a solid viewpoint from which they can develop their own conclusions.

Will Pergl received a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Over the past seven years, he has taught at Cornell University, Grinnell College and the University of New Hampshire at Durham, and he has had solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States.

Will’s teaching incorporates traditional sculpture techniques and contemporary practices such as installation, performance, video and physical computing. He has also taught interdisciplinary courses and lead cross-discipline collaborations connecting art with the disciplines of chemistry, music and anthropology.

Visit his website: willpergl.com.