For Parents

Welcome to MIAD's Parent Communication Program!

The program recognizes your vital role as coaches and mentors, and connects you with information and resources to support your student's success. Because the MIAD community embraces inclusivity as a value, we welcome partners, stepparents, guardians, foster parents and other family members.




As the Parent Communication program enters its fifth year, we're excited to provide information to you in an ongoing blog format.

You can visit the blog as often you wish throughout the year to connect to the information and resources you need to fulfill your role as coaches and mentors.

Click here to connect to the blog and please bookmark the site!

We'll also alert you by e-mail to special posts from staff with expertise in such areas as Career Services, Advising, Well-being and Financial Aid, and to news and events as they happen.

If you haven't yet provided your information to the Parent Communication program, click here.

Would you like to share images of you and your student at MIAD? Please send them for consideration to Vivian Rothschild at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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