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Billing & Payment Process

Whether you are a first-time or a continuing student, the entire MIAD community – from the faculty who will challenge, mentor and guide you to the staff and trustees who will support your goals – welcomes you!

After returning your financial aid award letter, you’ll need to know how the payment process works.

Financial aid and scholarship awards are credited to your “student account” each semester (most students attend Fall and Spring semesters). MIAD bills for any remaining semester costs about one month before the start of each semester.

Tuition and fees payments are due upon receipt of the billing statement. Student accounts may be assessed a late charge of $100 per semester after the first week of classes if the account has not been paid in full or a signed Payment Plan Agreement has not been received by the Student Accounts Office (RL10). You must be in good financial standing with the college in order to register for subsequent semesters. We urge you to contact the Student Accounts Office (RL10) at any time regarding your account status.

Many MIAD students and families participate in a monthly MIAD Payment Plan Agreement. The MIAD Payment Plan allows a remaining balance to be spread out over the semester. For example, a student with a remaining semester balance of $1,250 (after scholarships, financial aid, and personal payments have been applied to the student account) could have the balance divided into five payments of $250 each.

For information about student accounts, billing, payments, or the MIAD Payment Plan, please contact Bonnie Murphy at 414-847-3303 or visit the Student Accounts Office (RL10).