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Net Price Calculator

We know that attending a premiere college, like MIAD, at an accessible price is important to you. To help you understand the financial aid and scholarship money that might be available to you in achieving your goal of attending MIAD, we have created a student aid calculator tool.

Because they are estimates, the numbers you receive from the calculator are approximate. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way, and why it’s important to remember that the value of your investment in MIAD is not just about numbers.

If you are a first-time college student who will enter as a freshman, please select the Freshman Student Calculator option below. If you are transferring credits from another institution, please use the Transfer Student option. Students who have received dual credit while in college (i.e. Wisconsin Youth Options/Early College Credit Program) should choose the Freshman Student option.

As part of the Net Price Calculator, you will be asked to evaluate your portfolio. This can be difficult to do, so we have the following guidelines. Please use this guide to best determine the quality of your portfolio:

    • A portfolio competitive at the highest levels
    • Received extremely positive feedback from multiple premiere art & design colleges
    • Received multiple National Scholastic Gold keys or Portfolio awards
    • Been invited to highly selective summer art programs
  • STRONG PORTFOLIO This student has:
    • A portfolio stronger than the majority of his/her peers
    • Participated and received recognition in regional art events
    • Received positive feedback from more than one premiere art & design college
    • Participated in art classes outside of high school
    • Received a regional Gold Key or National Silver Key through Scholastics
  • TYPICAL PORTFOLIO This student has:
    • A solid portfolio, typical of the majority of his/her peers
    • Participated in art classes all four years of high school
    • Received some positive (and negative) feedback from art & design colleges
    • Is in the top of his/her high school art class
    • Taken an art class outside of high school
  • ENTRY-LEVEL PORTFOLIO This student has:
    • Completed a portfolio containing the minimum standards to be admitted to MIAD, but is not yet a scholarship candidate
    • Received little formal art training
    • Not met with any art & design colleges
    • Only 10 – 12 pieces in his/her portfolio

At the end of the calculator, you’ll see a summary of your cost to attend MIAD in the context of your estimated aid and scholarship. You’ll be able to select an option to have this detail e-mailed to you directly. Since you are rating your own portfolios without knowledge of your actual portfolio scores, award amounts may vary from what the calculator estimates. Please feel free to contact our Admissions team or Financial Aid staff with questions.