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The MIAD Security office is responsible for the safety and security of our campus. The Director of Security oversees and administers to our Professional Contract Security services. Eight full-time officers are assigned to MIAD. Each officer receives unique training that is specific to MIAD so they are able to meet the needs of the MIAD community.

Security is on duty at the academic building during all hours that the building is open. We patrol our entire campus, including parking lots and the immediate areas surrounding our campus. Safety escorts are also provided on request.

The MIAD Security office takes pride in being able to provide a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, faculty and visitors. Our approach to crime prevention and reduction of criminal activity is proactive. We make use of a variety of innovative techniques and programs, striving to improve the level of services that we provide. To accomplish this goal, the Security Office conducts informational presentations on crime prevention and awareness through New Student Orientation, sponsorship of personal safety seminars and workshops on campus, and the development of proactive programs to reduce incidents of crime, including engraving programs, security surveys and newsletters.

MIAD enjoys an excellent relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department, and we work closely with the police as well as with the Third Ward Association and the Downtown Security Network. We also strive to build trust and approachability among students. We get to know them individually and frequently meet with student groups to share our ideas and learn their concerns.

On behalf of the Safety and Security officers at MIAD, we welcome you to our community and look forward to meeting your students during Orientation when we offer a very interactive and fun workshop on personal safety in an urban setting. Please do not hesitate to call us or ask questions about any concerns or comments you may have.

For questions regarding Security, contact Keith Kotowicz, Director of Safety and Security, Room R45A, 414‑847‑3301,