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From the President

From the President


It's been about seven years since I applied to be accepted at MIAD. Even though one would think that applying to be the president of MIAD is distinctly different than applying to be a student, I contend that the reasons are quite similar.

The outstanding reputation of the college, long known to me during my career as a college president and arts education advocate, and the success of its alumni make participation in the MIAD educational experience extraordinarily compelling.

The college's obvious strength is the high quality of the student body and its faculty and staff. Quality at MIAD means more than just awe-inspiring skill and talent. It is about fostering the individual student's voice, and celebrating the creation of messages through student work that are as diverse as the student body itself.

What is not readily apparent, though, is one of the most important yet intangible factors about MIAD -- the college community. It is a unique balance of exciting challenge and support toward unsurpassed personal and professional development, which leads to rewarding creative careers.

Consider joining me as a participant in this experience, whether as a student or a believer who wants to learn more about the power of the creative voices that are MIAD.

I look forward to meeting you.

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