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Tips for Success

Tips for Your Student’s Successful Transition to MIAD

  1. Encourage them to use campus resources. Your student has prepared to attend MIAD with the help of the Admissions staff. As students enter MIAD, it is important to direct them to the appropriate resources and staff and transition from the Office of Admissions as the primary source of information.
  2. Be prepared for your student’s – and your own – conflicting emotions during move-in, your departure and the first week of classes. Leaving home for school can be a stressful process.
  3. Discuss expectations about how you plan to communicate with each other. Will you email, text, call? How often? Keep in touch and send care packages.
  4. Encourage your student to be responsible for their learning. Encourage them to seek appropriate academic resources and set academic goals.
  5. Make a financial plan with your student. Openly discuss payment and spending expectations.
  6. Discuss personal choices your student will be making such as the use of alcohol. Encourage responsibility, but know you cannot control what happens.
  7. Encourage your student to get involved in a variety of student activities. College is a time for students to make connections with others and try new things.
  8. Inform your student before making major changes at home (e.g. moving, remodeling their room).
  9. Listen with an open mind and be supportive. If you have serious concerns about your student’s welfare, contact the Dean of Students’ Office.
  10. Be a coach rather than a problem-solver. Use the information in this guide to refer your student back to on-campus resources.


Photography alum featured in Madison, WI solo exhibition

Photography alum Sarah Stankey ’13 shares the vulnerable and traumatic experience of 90 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in her new exhibition “What to Expect,” hosted by Madison’s Arts + Literature Laboratory as part of the Bridge Work Madison program.

NSP: Fine Arts students exhibit at TASK Creative

Twelve New Studio Practice: Fine Arts sophomores took their art out of the classroom and exhibited work locally at TASK Creative as part of Adjunct Assistant Professor Grant Gill’s course “Singularity & Multiplicity.”