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From the President

Jeff Morin

Jeff Morin

Learn about new President Jeff Morin

Listen to Morin discuss ‘Where passion finds purpose’ with WUWM Lake Effect’s Bonnie North.
Originally aired November 3, 2015


What brought you to MIAD?
Possibilities. MIAD is located in an exciting city and in a thriving, vibrant neighborhood. The college is of such a size that deep and meaningful relationships develop, and a true sense of community is established. I want to be central to the conversation that builds on MIAD’s community involvement and role as a national leader in entrepreneurship and innovation.

What drives you? What are you passionate about?
I am driven to create, to problem solve. Consequently, I am not wedded to any particular material or medium as an artist – taking equal satisfaction from designing, painting, drawing, printing, papermaking or bookbinding. The content of my work generally has an element of social justice and a connection to art history. My work as an educator and as an administrator is equally rewarding and seems to feed that same problem solving aspect of my soul.

Name one thing you want students to know about you.
I find that drawing from the figure is as satisfying as a thick, rich slab of chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, and that is a bold statement considering how much I love food.

If you could share one piece of advice with incoming students, what would it be?
Be fearless while remaining a decent person and honest to yourself.

Where do you see MIAD in 5 years?
First, the faculty and staff feel supported to the point that very ambitious ideas are coming forward and coming to fruition. Second, the students are creating something exciting that can’t be envisioned today. Third, people from a great distance are taking notice of what we are building together here at MIAD in Milwaukee.