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Chyrstal Denise Gillon, '98, Mama Said Eat Those PeasTurn virtually every corner in Milwaukee, and you’ll find the works of generations of MIAD graduates – from 2010 to 1954. Following is a selection of where they exhibited during July’s Gallery Day and Night, and through September.

Redline Milwaukee, 1422 N. Fourth St., exhibited the paintings of John Kowalczyk ’10 and other resident artists.

Former classmates reunited at several venues. MANIA meets Spacetribe Candy brings Brooklyn-based artist John Gatti ’08 back to Milwaukee for his exhibition with Jesse Engelbrecht ’08 at the BorgWard Collective, 823 W. National Ave.

Dean Jensen Gallery, 759 N. Water St., hosted a trio of 2005 graduates – Joseph Bolstad, Huey Crowley and Mayuko Kono – for “A Dozen or Something Twenty-Somethings.”

Works from two pairs of classmates were found at Too Random at the Hide House, 2625 S. Greeley St. Jason Krukowski ’99 and Timmy K. Kramp ’99 join Christopher MacDonald ’08 and Heather Chapa ’08.

Mandel Creative Studios and Plaid Tuba feature works of resident artists Amanda Gerkin ’06, Melissa Dorn Richards ’96 and Chrystal Denise Gillon ’91 at 120 N. Broadway.

Paintings by Sara Mulloy ’06 were a short walk from Plaid Tuba at Katie Gingrass Gallery, 241 N. Broadway.

Jesse Engelbrecht

Sarah McCutcheon ’99 was the Milwaukee Public Market’s featured artist at 400 N. Water St. 

The Peltz Gallery, 1119 E. Knapp St., included the works of JoAnna Poehlmann ’54, a graduate of the Layton School of Art, MIAD’s predecessor college, Glenda Puhek ’84 and Chrystal Denise Gillon ’91 in its 21st Annual “Remarkable Women Show.”

For works by the most recent alumni, visit MIAD Gallery Day and Night.

Save the Date for the MIAD Student/Alumni Art Sale, October 21-22!

Image above: Chrystal Denise Gillon ’98, “Mama Said Eat Those Peas,” mixed media
Image below: Jesse Engelbrecht ’08, “Fiend,” ink