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Job Posting FAQ

Job Posting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long are position announcements posted?
You select the posting and expiration dates.

Who sees the announcements?
Your announcements are seen only by current MIAD students and graduates who are registered with CanvassCareers.

May I post a position for a volunteer?
Yes, volunteer positions may be posted. However, it probably will be more challenging to get interest for an unpaid opportunity. We try to reserve all unpaid opportunities for non-profit companies. Any volunteer (freelance) opportunities posted by for-profit companies may be viewed as free labor.

What does an internship involve?
All internships at MIAD are for credit. The following three fundamental requirements exist for businesses/organizations who want to be internship sites:

1. Site will provide a minimum of 90 hours of on-site work and accomplish what is outlined in the internship description of duties and responsibilities provided by the business/organization;
2. Supervisor of student must have a professional background that coincides with the student’s interests and/or major;
3. Site must provide a workspace for the student and allow the student to work on-site. (This may be negotiated for some internships.)

How much does it cost to post an announcement?
There is no charge to post an announcement with our office through CanvassCareers.

How much do I pay the student/graduate?
The issue of compensation is best handled by discussing it with each individual that inquires about your position or opportunity.

For freelance work, do I pay per project or per hour?
The type of payment, per project or per hour, is dependent on the project and the individual completing the project. We advise discussing this with each individual that inquires about the position.

What are the majors of study at MIAD?
There are 11 majors of study at MIAD. Communication (Graphic) Design, Illustration, Industrial (Product) Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Time Based Media (Animation, Digital Video, Motion Graphics), Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Integrated Studio Arts.

Can you give me specific names of students/graduates that can complete my freelance project?
As convenient as this would be, we do not know the specific interest of and availability for all of the students/graduates who are active CanvassCareers. Most businesses and individuals successfully find a student/graduate by submitting a posting with CanvassCareers.

Can I post opportunities other than job ads?
Yes, you may also post announcements for Exhibitions, Contests/Competitions, Classes/Seminars/Lectures, and Residencies/Grants/Fellowships.


MIAD student work highlights Unfinished Legacy

Unfinished Legacy, a brand started by Milwaukee artist Brema Brema, enjoyed a promotional video created by current Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design senior Hannah Davis for her Digital Media: Video Production elective course in fall 2022. The semester-long project culminated in a three-minute video and three shorter clips advertising the brand.

Two MIAD alumni featured in Museum of Wisconsin Art

The Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), located in West Bend, has announced its “Ten at Ten” exhibition celebrating the work of ten emerging artists for the tenth anniversary in its new Mothership building. Two MIAD alumni, Lindsey Yeager ’21 (New Studio Practice: Fine Arts & Illustration) and Eduardo Zavala ’22 (NSP: Fine Arts), were selected to show work at the exhibition.

“Girl Hero” creator, MIAD alum, on art and subversion

During her final year at MIAD, Zachary Ochoa’s senior thesis was majorly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ochoa ’20 (New Studio Practice: Fine Arts) bounced back by creating a fantastical universe of paintings featuring Girl Hero, a trans Mickey Mouse-esque warrior.

Milwaukee sculpture business tapped for NBA trophy

Milwaukee is fast becoming a national hotspot for basketball. Not only is the city home to NBA champions the Milwaukee Bucks, it recently played a pivotal role in creating the newly designed Michael Jordan Trophy, awarded to the Kia NBA Most Valuable Player of the year. Milwaukee’s Vanguard Sculpture Services, the “best fine art foundry on planet Earth,” according to their website, poured and cast the final trophy.

Design Internship approved for NEA grant

Milwaukee high schoolers are getting a head start on their creative careers through the Design Internship at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. The free, year-long program was recently approved for a $25,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to expand the program for 2023-2024.