Parent & Partner Orientation
Residence Hall Move-In

AUG. 19 - 21
New Student Orientation

First Day of Classes

What will you do with your ideas? How will the world be shaped by your concepts, conversations and critique? What do you need as a 21st century artist in the face of a changing world?

Grounded in the tradition of rigorous and committed studio practices, and enhanced by innovative approaches to marrying skill and concept in the creative world, New Studio Practice creates a context for contemporary creative thinking and making. Interdisciplinary exploration and integrated learning of fine art media - disciplines in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture - are supported by an increased emphasis on professional preparation and practice under the guidance of outstanding faculty mentoring and advising.

New Studio Practice offers a context for the landscape you’ll enter the minute you graduate as a fine artist. Not just in conduct and discussion, but also what you make, your creative life. You’ll apply learned knowledge to the creative world as a responsible art citizen, and make visual work with a comprehensive understanding of how your creative identity relates to the world around you.

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