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Visual Stories.

  • attended Evanston High School, Evanston, WY
  • graduated 2003, BFA Painting
  • currently a studio artist + applying to graduate school
image | MIAD

“Absorb everything…”

Q. How did your MIAD education affect where you are today?

A. My education from MIAD redefined my conceptions of art making and my perception of life in general.

Q. What was the most valuable thing you learned at MIAD?

A. Who I am.

Q. What’s the one thing you would tell a high school student who is considering attending MIAD now that you’ve experienced life after graduation?

A. Absorb everything and don’t take the experience for granted. It will shape who you become.

Fantastic SweaterFantastic Sweater, oil, 2005/2006

Fantastic SweaterFantastic Sweater, oil, 2005/2006

Q. What are your goals for the future, in art/design and in life?

A. Right now, I’m waiting to hear from graduate schools, and that’s kind of blocking anything farther down the line. I’m just going to keep painting and see what happens.

Lancaster's studio

Lancaster’s studio

Q. What are some of your hobbies and interests?

A. The banjo and Arby’s beef and cheddar sandwiches.

EAT, oil, 2005/2006

EAT, oil, 2005/2006

Q. Are there any specific parts of your resume that you would like to share?

A. I recently received an Individual Artists Fellowship from the Wyoming Arts Council, and have an upcoming exhibition at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts.

I Was Admiring Something, oil, 2005/2006

I Was Admiring Something, oil, 2005/2006

Q. Please define how you saw your major while you were in school, and how that definition has changed over the years.

A. Painting was supreme. Still is.

watercolor + ink paintings, 2005/06

watercolor + ink paintings, 2005/06

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