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MIAD hosts Wisconsin Art Education Association conference

On Thursday, October 29, and Friday, October 30, MIAD will welcome more than 200 art educators from across the state to the Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA) 2009 Fall Conference titled Creative Exploration & Innovation, Teaching Art & Design in the 21st Century.

Workshops, seminars and other events relating to arts education from K4 through undergraduate, will be held throughout the building, including the WAEA Exhibition in the Entrance Gallery, and vendor displays and registration in the 4th Floor Gallery.

Industrial Design Professor John Caruso will be a Keynote Speaker on Friday at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Faculty and staff presenting at the conference include Tim Begonia, Brett Henzig, Steve Horvath, Dale Shidler, Will Swenson, and Christopher Willey.

Jennifer Sweeney is being recognized as Wisconsin Art Educator of the Year, for her positive attitude, well developed lessons, commitment, and professionalism. Sweeny’s principal writes “There are few people within a school system that influence every person within—Jennifer Sweeney is that rare exception.”

In addition, Melissa Dorn Richards, MIAD Director of Cultural and Alumni Relations, is receiving the WAEA President’s Award for, in MIAD President Neil Hoffman’s words, her “tireless work for more than 10 years on behalf of art education and the elementary and secondary schools in our region. Beneath her quiet manner is a person with deep passion, compassion and energy in support of her beliefs in the value of art education. I can think of no one more worthy of this recognition.”