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Calling Forth Certain Experiences…
Opens October 31
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With its finger on the pulse of Milwaukee’s media-producing art and design community, MIAD announces an innovative group exhibition opening October 31 that redefines the genre of time-based media.

Some 30 widely exhibited artists of diverse disciplines, visions and generations explore the spectrum of time-based media in Calling Forth Certain Experiences…, an exhibition that includes video, animation, music and soundscapes, installations, performance and sequential works. Professor Jamal Currie, the first full-time professor in MIAD’s new time-based media major and recipient of numerous honors and grants, is curator.

“Time-based media is often defined simply by the meaning of the words ‘time-based’ and ‘media,'” said Currie. “But the genre requires a deeper and broader definition that opens up new possibilities and directions for generations of students as well as for current practitioners.

Calling Forth Certain Experiences… runs from Oct. 31 – Dec. 16 in MIAD’s Frederick Layton Gallery, with a reception and performances on Friday, Nov. 3, from 6 – 8 p.m. It includes works by:

Ray Chi – Part-time MIAD Foundations Faculty member and multidisciplinary artist named an Artist of the Year in 2005 by the Milwaukee Arts Board. Chi draws on his background in architecture and as a professional cellist, using also sculpture and film, to choreograph human experience.

DONEBESTDONE – Mike Winkelmann, Jason Nanna and Kyle Vande Slunt – A multimedia performance collective that integrates photography, video, music, drawing, writing and animation.

Express Yourself Milwaukee, Inc. – A non-profit arts education organization that provides an arts curriculum to schools and youth organizations serving underprivileged and adjudicated youth in Milwaukee. As an artistic team member, Currie has implemented several video and animation projects for the organization, including the innovative work to be shown, a piece based on animation work done at the Milwaukee Youth Detention Center.

Sonja Thomsen – Part-time MIAD Photography Faculty member and Milwaukee photographer whose works are in the permanent collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Her piece “Swept” comprises 12 minimalist photographs of a white river taken at intervals of 1/125 of a second that document the wind sweeping across its surface.

Will Pergl – New MIAD Professor of Sculpture who combines time-based media and sculptural form to produce a poetic link between the recognizable, the imagined and the emotional. In his film “Recur,” he explores his body image as an amputee, using cycles of sound, light, shadow, video and emerging digital technologies to map the interplay between his remembered body’s image, his current embodied form of subjectivity and metaphors associated with disembodiment and virtual space.

Jason Morgan – Part-time MIAD Time-Based Media Faculty member, video documentarian and author whose undergraduate thesis film, “The Greatest Lie Ever Told,” won best Experimental Film at the 2002 Harvard Black Arts Festival student competition. His exhibition video, “My Morning Coffee,” documents the morning ritual of the Lopez family in Mexico revolving around family and the harvesting and processing of coffee beans consumed by North Americans.

Frankie Martin – A Milwaukee-based, internationally exhibited multimedia artist whose work uses sculpture, video, music, mobiles and human interaction in an intersection of culture, fantasy, craft, music and color. Her video “crump_clownz” is part of a full-length, self-improvement DVD entitled “A Beautiful You,” to be released in 2007.

Additional participating artists include: Faculty James Barany, Brandon Bauer, Paul Caster, Currie, Waldek Dynerman, Molly Mann, Katie E. Martin ’01, and Jason Yi; Alumni Marla Sanvick ’06 and Steve Sorrentino ’02; and Portia Cobb, ESVC (Experimental Sound and Video Collective performance group), Thomas Gaudynski, Minneapolis-based Mark Edward Hayden, Nicholas Lampert, Hal Rammel, Grant Richter, Meredith Root, Renato Umali and Mike Winkelmann. For more information on these artists, click here.

Currie has developed MIAD’s time-based media major, founded in 2005, which exposes students to traditional and computer animation methods, video, sound, pre- and post-production, as well as to experimental film, video and installation art. Its graduates fill a fast-growing and critical economic niche that includes opportunities in advertising, television, video, radio, animation, web and digital media design, while also possessing the ability to explore personal fine-arts pursuits.

Calling Forth Certain Experiences… takes its name from a quote by Arjen Mulder: “Art need not be discussed ponderously; no one knows what it is, and everyone must discover for themselves what it might be. [A]rt … is considered a certain way of handling media and using them to call forth certain experiences.”

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Calling Forth Certain Experiences…

Participating artists, most of whom have exhibited regionally, nationally or internationally, and their disciplines:

MIAD Faculty

James Barany – Foundations Professor; drawing, animation, performance

Brandon Bauer – Part-time Time-Based Media Faculty; mixed-media, video/sound artist

Paul Caster – Time-Based Media and Drawing Professor; drawing, painting, sculpture and recently sound and video. Caster’s video, “Orbit,” was accepted into the European Media Art Festival last May and juried into October’s Milwaukee International Film Festival. His exhibition work is entitled UPSIDERIGHT.

Waldek Dynerman – Fine Arts Professor; printmaker, installation, video artist who will participate in the Cite Internationale Des Arts residency program this spring in Paris.

Molly Mann – Part-time Time-Based Media Faculty and Milwaukee animator

katie e. martin ’01 – Part-time Fine Arts Faculty; video, performance, sculpture, multi-media

Jason Yi – Foundations Professor and 2005 Mary L. Nohl Established Artist Fellowship winner; sculpture, photography, drawing, video and multimedia installations.

MIAD Alumni

Marla Sanvick ’06 – Printmaker and video artist who works in the Educational Project of MATA Community Media, Milwaukee’s premier public access facility

Steve Sorrentino ’02 – Project/Office Manager at Flux Design; print and video

Milwaukee-Based Artists (unless noted otherwise)

Portia Cobb – Head of the Community Media Project in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Film Department

ESVC (Experimental Sound and Video Collective) – Performance collective whose members – Kevin Dally-Meunzmeir, Jamal Currie, Grant Richter, Dan Schierl and Bill Vollriede – are affiliated with MIAD, MSOE, Wiard Synthesizer Company and Aluminum Knot Eye.

Thomas Gaudynski – Author, experimental musician, entrepreneur

Mark Edward Hayden – Minneapolis-based photographer, designer, video artist, musician

Nicolas Lampert – UWM lecturer, historian, visual and experimental music artist

Hal Rammel – Experimental musician, photographer and previous lecturer in MIAD’s Multidisciplinary Visiting Artist Lecture Series supported by the Ello & Guido Brink Fund

Grant Richter – Proprietor of Wiard Synthesizer Company; electronic musician, electrical engineer

Meredith Root – Professor of Animation, UWM Film Department

Renato Umali – UWM instructor, founding member of The Paragraphs

Mike Winkelmann – Founding member of DONEBESTDONE