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Graduated 2010, BFA in Industrial Desgin
Structural Packaging Designer at Studio One Eleven, a division of Berlin Packaging, Chicago, Illinois

“Trek Bicycle,” digital rendering, 2010


Tien Nguyen

After graduating from MIAD, Tien Nguyen moved to Chicago for an Industrial Design position at CHOi Design, a design consultancy. At CHOi Design, he worked on numerous projects and products from electrical consumer products to home and outdoor appliances. CHOi’s most notable client is Weber Grills. At CHOi Design, Nguyen and his design team put a great number of products on the market, and more to come, for Weber Grills. More recently, Nguyen was offered an opportunity with another design firm and now holds the position of Structural Packaging Designer at Studio One Eleven, a division of Berlin Packaging. Since then, Nguyen has worked on projects for many well-known companies in the beverage industry.

“Trek Bicycle,” prototype, 2010

“Oh MIAD…if I could do it again, I would in a heart beat! From the first Industrial Design class to the very last, all helped get me to where I am now. MIAD and its devoted faculty taught me the fundamental skills I needed to be successful in the design industry. As part of my education, I learned to identify, approach, and solve through traditional techniques, as well as technologically based design programs. MIAD’s Industrial Design program is well rounded, and provided me hands-on experience to work with companies such as Fiskars and Harley-Davidson while in school. Being able to work with well-respected designers, engineers, and even marketing teams was a very valuable experience. MIAD builds strong designers every day.”

“Weber Grill Pincer Tongs,” digital rendering, 2010-11