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Recent Work by Waldek Dynerman

February 28 – March 25

Layton Gallery

MIAD Professor of Fine Arts Waldek Dynerman is a Polish expatriate who was educated as a painter at the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy. He has since expanded his work to such disciplines as drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and, recently, photography and video.

Amid the several layers of content is a sense of sadness and sometimes despair, possibly arising from his family’s history of war and survival during World War II and his own immigration to America. Even though dark in its core, Dynerman’s work always contains an element of playful irony, and a hope for positive resolution.

On display will be diverse works ranging from prints, sculpture, paintings, photographs, and a video entitled “Memory Check” that explores what is being remembered about Jews in Poland 60 years after the horrors of the World War II era.