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greatlakeslogoNew paid internship opportunities are available through the Career Ready Internship grant, thanks to the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.

Great Lakes awarded $5.2 million in Career Ready Internship grants to 40 colleges and universities across Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin for the 2014-2015 academic year, aiming to create lasting partnerships between colleges and employers through the development of paid internship opportunities.

MIAD, one of the 40 colleges awarded grant money, is collaborating with local businesses and nonprofits to develop new paid internships and convert existing unpaid internships into paid opportunities. These new internships provide juniors and seniors with varying levels of financial need real-world experience within their field of study.

At MIAD, many students have already taken advantage of the grant opportunity, including:

  • alyssa-greatlakesAlyssa Anderson ’15, interning as an Artist Studio Assistant for current Pfister Artist in Residence Niki Johnson
  • Tyrone Randle ’15, Gallery Intern at The Pitch Project
  • Tiffany Do ’17, Product Design Intern at High Sierra
  • Jessica Ziarkowski ’15, Interior Design and Architectural Support, Groth Design Group
  • Joseph Clark ’16, Time-Based Media Assistant, MIAD

Assistant Director of Career Services Christina WickHeiser says, “The grant is an amazing opportunity for students because it enables them to take on traditionally unpaid internships that are typically not options due to financial concerns. Students are now able to be paid in internships with nonprofit organizations, museums and cultural institutions, independent artist studios, and galleries.”

Students who receive financial aid are often unable to accept unpaid internships in their fields of study because they need to earn a paycheck. With the Career Ready Internship grant, students can take internships and gain the valuable, real-world experience in their fields of study that gives them an advantage when looking for employment upon graduation.

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For more information on the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship grant, contact Career Services.

Image: Alyssa Anderson ’15 loading a kiln for a glass casting.