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MIAD’s annual Scholarship Luncheon on February 16 provided an opportunity for donors to get to know scholarship recipients in a unique, artistic setting.

Students welcomed generous contributors to the 2011 Scholarship Fund and Creative Fusion Scholarship Fund to the 4th Floor Gallery, where their work was on display.  The event allowed students to express thanks while sharing their accomplishments— and lunch— with donors.  The event also honored representatives of three new scholarship programs.

The new scholarship representatives included Carmen Haberman, representing the Richard and Ethel Herzfeld Foundation, for providing the lead gift to MIAD’s Breaking New Ground Scholarship Fund, Jeanne Yoder representing the Dick and Jeannie Yoder scholarships, and Elaine Eisner, her son Bill Eisner and daughter Deb Hackbarth, representing the William F. and Elaine B. Eisner Scholarships.

Why are scholarships so important?

  • 96% of MIAD students receive financial support through scholarships and other forms of aid; more than half are the first in their family to attend college.
  • 80% of MIAD graduates use their innovative skills in Wisconsin, contributing a vital brain gain to the state that shapes its economic and creative future.
  • Employment in many creative industries is growing faster than the labor force and makes up 30% of the workforce by some estimates.
  • As graduates, MIAD alumni are consistently selected over others for employment across multiple disciplines because of the high quality of their work and their ability to think, research, create, innovate and lead.

For these reasons and more, an investment in MIAD students is an investment in our economy, our community and our future.

For more information on MIAD’s Scholarship Fund, call Development Director Ryan Daniels at 414‑847‑3237.

Anastacia StevensAnastacia Stevens (Integrated Studio Arts ‘11), who receives a scholarship from the College Endowment Association, shares her book of poetry with association representatives Helen Peterson and Betty Hilton.

Elaine EisnerNeslihan Anter (Communication Design ‘13) discusses her design work with Elaine Eisner, representing the William F. and Elaine B. Eisner Scholarships.

Gail LioneGail Lione, representing the Harley-Davidson Motor Company Scholarship, discusses the Two-Cut Project with scholarship recipient Colleen Hady.

Jeanne YoderJeanne Yoder, representing the Dick and Jeannie Yoder scholarships, admires the Two-Cut Project.

Mary Claire RamirezMary Claire Ramirez (Painting ‘12) recipient of the Board of Trustees Scholarship, with Creative Fusion donor Geralyn Cannon and MIAD Trustee Andrea Schloemer.

Kyle DienerCreative Fusion Scholarship representative Susan Friebert and Student Government President Kyle Diener (Interior Architecture and Design ‘12) get to know one another.