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Heather Nemec, Communications Design ’10, had what she aptly described as a multidisciplinary and "big learning experience" interning for the Milwaukee Public Museum’s largest temporary exhibit — Dead Sea Scrolls and The Bible.

The largest temporary exhibit produced by the Milwaukee Public Museum, Dead Sea Scrolls and The Bible "explores the archaeological history of the Holy Land during the period the Scrolls were written, from the third century B.C.E. through the first century C.E.," according to the museum. The exhibit also tracks the discovery of the first scrolls in the 1940s and subsequent realization of their significance.

Nemec stepped away from the computer screen she normally works on when the museum asked her to assist in the creatives department building, maintaining and creating exhibits. Her "whole new experience" on the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit included casting, re-creating the cave in which the scrolls were found, painting and aging pots, and, to her surprise, even using a chainsaw to carve foam rocks. “It was amazing to see the transformation; from pure white foam into a sandy colored cave,” she said.

Another interesting challenge was writing a sample of the Dead Sea Scroll onto sheepskin. Nemec said the letters were new forms unlike the letters and characters she’s familiar working with.
“I had a great time," Nemec said, "and truly appreciate everyone giving me the opportunity to work on such a great project with such great people.”

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