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image | MIADThe beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM)—originally opened in 1965—just received an extensive renovation in honor of its 50th anniversary. Alumna Madeline Dall ’15 (Illustration) works as an exhibit artist at the MPM, playing a role in the exhibit’s renovation. 

Dall worked to refresh the space, “I helped with everything from putting up signage, assembling the Sendik’s fruit cart, casting and painting the buttons for the police officer’s coat and even linoleum block printing,” added Dall.

She also created illustrations for ads and banners, as well as t-shirts and other merchandise sold in the gift shop.

Dall credits her time at MIAD with teaching her how to represent herself as an artist and a professional, citing her senior thesis as instrumental in her success, “I stuck to doing what I loved and ultimately, the first people to talk to me and hand me their business cards at thesis turned out to be my new boss and coworkers,” said Dall.

The Streets exhibit is the most visited area in the museum, and its reopening on December 11 was highly anticipated. The exhibit transports guests back in time, to early 19th century Milwaukee. Visitors can peer into the windows of the 30 shops, businesses and restaurants that line the gas-lit streets, catching a glimpse of history.

image | MIAD

The exhibit now gives visitors a new perspective with the incorporation of themed storytelling and an added sensory experience, including the addition of a life-size streetcar entrance that transports visitors into historic Milwaukee.

“I am just in love with the way everything turned out. I think it really stays true to MPM’s style of interactive, immersive exhibits, and I am so proud to have been a part of it,” said Dall.

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Images: Milwaukee Public Museum