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The annual Research, Practice & Methods Exhibition (RPM) “is a landmark moment for the entire Foundations class, celebrating all of the first-year students,” said James Barany, chair of MIAD’s Foundations program.

This year is a little different, with themes ranging from political to printmaking, the exhibit offers a diverse view of what the Foundations experience entails.

Research, Practice & Methods Exhibition is on view November 9 – 19 in the Fourth Floor Raw Space, with a Reception and Awards Ceremony Monday, November 16 at 6 p.m. 

During the public Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony, every Foundations student is be present to discuss their work, providing guests with a unique opportunity to speak with students at the beginning of their MIAD journey.

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“The next time this entire cohort exhibits together with the same magnitude, will be three and a half years later during their Thesis Exhibition as graduating seniors,” added Barany.

Also new this year, MIAD applicants, their families, and their High School Art and Design faculty attend the exhibit during the Opening Reception.

The reception features a keynote presentation by Barany, and a combined keynote address by selected upperclassmen, Olivia Rehm, Elizabeth Rath and Yonder Castillo. These students discuss the importance of the RPM course for foundations students.

The exhibit encompasses 12 different courses, including: Time and Expression, taught by Jamal Currie; Narrative of Privilege, taught by Zoe Darling; Imaginary Worlds and More More More, taught by Carolyn Long; All We Have: Space, taught by Zina Mussmann; Bookarts: Small Quick Books, taught by Leslie Fedorchuk; Intrapersonal Chronicles, taught by James Barany; Figure Drawing, and Drawing taught by Tom Noffsinger; Mass Media and Culture, taught by Corbett Toomsen; Just Your Type, taught by Steve Horvath; and Molds and Multiples, taught by Joe Boblick.

Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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