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rpm-webIt’s all the Foundations students who take an RPM class,” explains Lynn Tomaszewski, Chair of Foundations. “It stands for Research, Practice and Methods, and it incorporates different conceptual angles to students doing their own research, students inventing their own practice and then contextualizing that within contemporary art of design.”

rpm-image1-webLooking around the exhibition, recent alum Tasha-Nova Borozny ’12 (Time-Based Media) was impressed with the Foundations students. “Aside from the quality of work, the fact that some of these RPM classes had to write the artist statement is an invaluable experience. To have that exposure when you’re a freshman, it’s so important. The statements are going to be perfect by the time they’re seniors. They’re going to know exactly what their purpose is and how to say it.”

Foundations faculty member James Barany explained one area of the exhibit, saying the work is “an examination of things that sit outside the acceptable norm of our culture. Some of the ideas the students are pursuing would have had you burned at the stake at the wrong time in history.”

rpm-image2-webBarany also discussed the three topics of investigation students explored for the exhibition. “The first was soul and consciousness; the second, we looked at systems that were either massive or micro, based on our vantage point; and the last one, the students went to to pick out their own conundrum that they’re contending with.”

The RPM Exhibition is on view November 12 – 28 in the Fourth Floor Gallery. Click here to view a slideshow of work from the exhibit. Click here to read about the exhibition on


Second image: Kellymarie Stamper’s work is visible through work from Ofelia Gonzalez
Third image: “Limbo,” by Rebecca Schnirman