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weiland-head-shot-webRecent graduate Keely Weiland ’12 (Photography) believes that even when her submitted work is not selected for an exhibition, “As long as I keep submitting, people are still seeing my work and I am gaining exposure as a photographer.”

That perseverance and positive attitude has paid off. After submitting work to five different exhibition, Weiland was selected by jurors to participate in “Reflection & Projection,” on view in New Orleans through August 16.

“This is the first big exhibition that I’ve been a part of outside of MIAD and outside of Milwaukee,” exclaims Weiland. “We were asked to submit three pieces, and I was fortunate to have all three selected to be shown.”

weiland-kc-1-webHer work on view, “konstant/constante,” is an exploration of her grandparents’ home and livs through images and slides from the 1960s and ’70s.

“Through the combination of images from their past and my family history, and their current living space, I receive a larger view of their life and time together,” Weiland explains.

The exhibition’s theme of reflection and projection connects strongly with Weiland’s work, which was on view during the 2012 Senior Exhibition.

During her senior year, Weiland also co-curated “Contemporary Luminaries” in MIAD’s Perspectives Gallery with recent Photography alums Laura Hughes ’12 and Kaitlynn Scannell ’12, which allowed Weiland the opportunity to experience curating and to work with photographers from around the country.

weiland-kc-3-webHer drive for exposure will be rewarded during “Reflection & Projection,” as the show is being used by the Ogden Museum of Art for an event, and contains work in an array of mediums from national and international artists.

Weiland will be making a transition to Portland, Ore., where she continues to submit work for exhibitions and is preparing to dive into the art and design culture. “There are organizations that I really look forward to becoming a member of. The west coast is great for photography, and I’m excited to meet new people and gain new resources.”

“Reflection & Projection” is on view at Push Pin Gallery in New Orleans, July 30 – August 16.

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Top image: Keely Weiland ’12 (Photography)
Second image: Taken from “konstant/constante”
Third image: Taken from “konstant/constante”