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Scholarship Information

Due to the temporary closing of many high schools across the country, MIAD is extending the Summer Pre-College scholarship deadline so that students are able to complete the scholarship processes. The extended 2020 Summer Pre-College Scholarship Deadline is Sunday, April 19. All required materials must be received by our office by April 19 to be considered for scholarship.

We recognize this extension is soon after many high schools are scheduled to resume, and urge you to keep the submittal of scholarship materials a priority upon your return to school in order to earn a scholarship.

Please note: this will not disadvantage students who have submitted their materials prior to the deadline. The purpose is to retain the opportunity for those students who were unable to complete the process prior to the unforeseen closure of high schools.

As always, please communicate with our office if you have any questions or concerns.



Note: when applying for scholarship, you must first be registered for class. You may apply for only ONE scholarship.

MIAD’s Merit/Need-Based Scholarship Competition
Partial tuition scholarships are awarded to local and out-of-state students based on merit and financial need.  This scholarship is for students that are out-of-state applicants and Wisconsin residents NOT eligible for Wisconsin’s free- or reduced-lunch. Be sure to include:

• MIAD’s Merit/Need-Based Scholarship Competition Form
• Digital Portfolio with 10 images of recent work. Images must be saved in JPEG format with each image kept under one megabyte. Include a list of images stating the title, medium and year created. These images may be submitted via online dropbox:, email to or clearly print your name on a CD and submit it through the mail.
• $50 Tuition Deposit (refundable by June 15)

Considering school closures and accessibility to information, MIAD has decided to withdraw the need for scholarship applicants to submit their current high school transcripts. The portfolio review committee will take into consideration transcripts that have already been submitted, but will not depreciate applications without transcripts.

DPI Scholarships
There is a limited amount of grant money supporting the DPI scholarships, and it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Students must reside in Wisconsin and be free- or reduced-lunch eligible in school. The DPI Scholarship covers tuition, course supplies, meals and room for students beyond commuting distance. Please note: Current high school seniors are not eligible for DPI Scholarship. Seniors should apply for MIAD Merit Scholarship only.

Complete the DPI downloadable form (MUST BE SIGNED BY YOUR PRINCIPAL) and return to MIAD’s Pre-College office.

(Students should not submit $50 deposit with application)

Those students applying after the grant money has been allocated will be notified and placed on a waiting list. Students on the waiting list will be notified if an opening in the program occurs.

MIAD’s Pre-College program has been generously funded in part by:

  • Associated Bank
  • Dr. Isabel and Dr. Alfred Bader
  • Donald and Donna Baumgartner
  • Brengel Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Cissy and John Bryson
  • Clarice S. Turer Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
  • Frances Franklin
  • Stephens Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Jennifer and Andre Williams
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction