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MIAD students, alumni and faculty are among the artists transforming the Park East Corridor as part of IN:SITE’s collaborative project to encourage exploration of the past, present and future through 11 diverse installations.

IN:SITE, a non-profit resource, has been fostering temporary public art since 2006, and has kicked off a week of activities through August 30.

MIAD participants include:

Juniors Molly Noyes and Natalie LeRoy (Integrated Studio Arts), who, according to IN:SITE co-founder Pegi Taylor, “bring finesse, professionalism and humor” to their project “Park East Corridor Property Company” – a faux real estate office selling 7″ X 7″ bakery boxes that contain miniature properties made of foam core, paper, wood, sheet plastics and found objects.

Their project is located in the Sidney Hih building at 300 W. Juneau, the oldest commercial brick building in the city, where the IN:SITE Park East Information Center and Museum is located. Tours will be offered and maps and information about all the installations will be available from noon to 8 p.m.

Paul Druecke ’87 has created “Guide,” a text banner outside the Sidney Hih that appropriates the names of Milwaukee landmarks and “comment on the persistent and sometimes fickle need to memorialize.”

Alumni Mary Osmundsen ’97 and Maria Bolivar ’06 have created “Water Source” at the Knapp Street Bridge House, a site-specific response to the bridge house and the Milwaukee River around the theme “My life depends on this water.”

Robert Lewis Smith, MIAD Chair of Fine Arts, has collaborated on the production and installation of a web component for the bridge house that invites people around the globe to participate.

Adjunct faculty member Annushka Peck’s “cede” is a billboard map with cutout elements reflected on the Laacke & Joys boathouse wall across from Water Street.

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