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padovanoimageBryan Padovano ’12 (Communication Design) took nothing, packaged it and made it into something.

In its June issue, Package Design magazine highlighted one of Padovano’s designs, part of his Spring 2011 Package Design class assignment.

CD Professor and 2D|4D Department Chair Phil Belair instructed his Package Design class to “package nothing,” something that doesn’t have a physical form. Padovano, 28, came up with his concept during a brainstorming session with other Communication Design students, a process he often uses when working on assignments.

“There are a ton of great designers in the Communication Design department, with many great ideas,” said Padovano, who transferred to MIAD after receiving his associate degree from Waukesha County Technical College.

At the heart of the project is Padovano’s belief in the importance of a person’s word.

“This package gives legitimacy to the idea of giving someone your word,” Padovano said. “I even developed a hypothetical, William Sovereign Ltd, as the brand that sells this package to further reinforce the proper and dignified status that ‘My Word’ should have.”

The package consists of a 5-inch cube made out of chipboard. Padovano added a touch of class to the package by padding the inner walls and lining them with pinstriped fabric. The package unexpectedly weighs about 3 pounds, reinforcing the weight of one’s word.

My WordWhen he had finished packaging his word, Padovano also “packaged himself.”

He put pictures and information about the package on his personal website, and then contacted Package Design magazine. The magazine e-mailed him the next day asking for more pictures and information about his creation.

“It’s exciting to see something that I’ve produced in a platform that’s outside of school, my portfolio or my website,” Padovano said of seeing his work in the magazine. “My design is out there.”

Outside of college, Padovano interns at Jigsaw advertising agency, where he is working on a project branding Juneau Park. He also works in the control room at Miller Park and coaches Kettle Moraine High School’s junior varsity hockey team.

My WordClick here for more information about MIAD’s Communication Design program.

Top image: Bryan Padovano
Middle image: Padovano’s “My Word” package

Bottom image: The back of the package includes Padovano’s suggestions for uses of one’s word.